Gettin' another build together: 16s8p | New MTB deck and other fun toys

I got some good news from Derelict Robot Industries today :hugs: Things are coming together.


Spill the beans @DerelictRobot :stuck_out_tongue:




I’m afraid it won’t. Why don’t use Ubox instead?


Maybe @DerelictRobot has something in store for him
I think he has a bunch of test esc stashed :sunglasses:
let’s hope I really am excited for this build :partying_face:

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When the double is available again, I’m definitely going to pick one up BUT the big difference I found between 7550 and 75100 wasn’t componants, but rather the size of the heat sink. These 7550s have tiny heat sinks but they’re going to be bolted to a large custom sink. So long as the caps can handle charging to a 16s potential (they’re rated for it), I should have current covered. I think.


I wish you were right. Was not aware of the shortage of the ubox dual

I got some good news from Moon Eskate yesterday. The Moon-rims are still in China, but everything else is on the way. If those Moon-rims do come to fruition, I picked up some of the new Xcell 165mm x 62mm racing tires from Land-surf to go with them. I also think I figured out how to mount Xcell rims to moon-drives, but I would need to get my hands on some to make sure that I’m right.

I put in the inserts for mounting the enclosure and started the top-side fiberglass lay-up as far as the deck is concerned.

Now for some epoxy jive. I love West-systems 105 epoxy with Special-Clear 207 hardener. It’s a top quality marine-grade epoxy intended for structural use. It’s some of the best there is for applying fiberglass. That being said, it’s kind of viscous which leads to a streaky finish. Viscous epoxies also tend to trap small gas bubbles. Both of these are your enemy when trying to make a perfect finish. I saw a post on an FB group about using an epoxy especially intended for clear-coating for the final layer to solve this problem. I asked the friendly people at my local plastic supply center if there would be any unforeseen problems with doing this. They said that I’m in the clear ( :joy:) and suggested this product from System-three. I use System Three wood-filler and love it, so I bought the clear coat to try out. It’s awesome. The finish it damn near perfect. Here’s a pic of one coat over sanded fiberglass.


That stuff ain’t cheap in the world of resins but well worth it


Good epoxy is definitely worth the money.


SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Hello OSRR. Goodbye puck. I remember seeing the original thread for this on the builders’ forum almost three years ago and thinking that it was badass that someone was taking esk8 remotes so seriously. It was worth the wait. I haven’t even had a chance to ride with it, and I can tell that it sets a whole new standard for remotes. Damn I love cool esk8 shit.


More cool esk8 shit. I got my helical moon-drives and Luna 350s. These trucks are going to be a perfect fit for this build. Slate blue will look nice with the CF on my deck. No moon-rims yet, but things look promising.


I wrapped up the deck. For a V1 prototype I’m very happy.



This build is gonna be Epic :heart_eyes:


wow this deck looks grogeous WHEW


The cells come in today. I had to go with 40Ts. P42As will be on a boat in the middle of the Pacific for a while. I got an ok deal on 40Ts on

Also, I hear the Ubox is making a return this weekend. I’m gonna swoop one up for this build if the price is right.


I got some more work done. I redesigned my enclosure to improve some things. I also made a heatsink box for my ESC. Speaking of which I picked up one of the new Uboxes. I tried to design the box to match the look of the Moon-drives and deck. I’m happy with how it turned out.

The deck feels good. It’s stiff in the middle but flexible on the ends. I like the tension that the carbon-fiber adds. I’m excited to ride it.

The Luna trucks look nice and I like the feel of the XL RKPs on a MTB-style deck. The 35/25 nose/tail angle pairs well with them.

Now I need to build the battery. Big ass batteries always sound like a good idea until it comes time to weld them together (or pay for them).

I’m getting close. All that’s left is the battery. I’m awaiting the arrival of the Ubox. Also, I still have my fingers crossed that I might get to try out those Moon-rims.


You don’t play fair with your Wood/metal 3d machine and all your shop tools :rofl: :call_me_hand:
Nice work on that esc box


It is kind of cheating :blush:


Duuuude this is looking sweet!