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@Battery_Mooch do capacitors pose the same risks as far as leaking electrolyte that leaking battery cells pose? Flammable/toxic?

I am aware there are dry capacitors so I mean ones with liquid/gel electrolyte

As far as I know, there isn’t much of a risk when you blow a capacitor. Other than the immediate electrical damage that can occur from one of your components fucking up. Even with some of the giant capacitors (and I mean giant. soda can size and up) we were never told in our labs that they would be dangerous if they blew. The only dangerous thing mentioned in all my lectures was discharge time, and to always make sure all capacitors are fully discharged before working on the circuit.

They could still be dangerous if you’re an idiot and lick it or something, but I trust that my professors would have told us if there was a serious concern. Also any fumes produced by a blown part are never great to breath in but won’t do any immediate harm. That is more of a long term issue if it happens a ton

Is throwing lithium batteries in water a good way to discharge them for disposal? In my experience the terminals get plated really quickly and the cell doesn’t fully discharge and also sounds dangerous as the water n minerals essentially make a short that could turn to flames, no?

How and where do u dispose of cells?

make sure you DO NOT use salt water.

Battery Demolition Club (How to take apart a battery pack, dispose of cells)


IIRC there are flammable and non-flammable cap electrolytes. Some will definitely be toxic but there might be some that aren’t. IMO, treat all as flammable and toxic as you don’t know what your particular cap has in it (unless you research it).

I just don’t know enough about this to compare electrolyte safety of li-ion cell and caps. So much will depend on the cap, its size, etc.

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No, no, no…it is a terrible idea. Never, ever try to discharge cell using salt water. It can corrode away to the top of the cell, opening it up and turning the water to toxic sludge, and leaving the cell still charged some.

Plain water won’t do much of anything but rust them and verrrrry slowly discharge them over time.

Large electronics stores and home improvement centers often have battery recycling bins. Some towns have a municipal facility that will accept batteries.


Will plugging/unplugging in one balance half at a time damage the BMS? I use an external BMS and it’s really annoying to unplug the full 13 pin connector every time (may have broken the locking part already). I don’t know what would happen if I unplug or plug the two 7 pins independently though. Would it power on, or stay off until both are connected? Will I fry it if I plug the wrong one in first?

Setup below:

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Common practice is to plug in the “lower” one first and then reverse the sequence, unplugging the “high” one first, when disconnecting them both. This is assuming the main leads have already been connected (NEG first).

I can’t guarantee that’s how your BMS works but even when unplugging a single connector all of the pins are actually disconnecting at a slightly different time.


Hello everyone,

I am currently experiencing an issue with a Flipsky VX1 remote receiver that I recently purchased. I have found that the signal amplitude is significantly lower than other receivers I have tested, even when connected to a properly functioning ESC.

I have checked all connections and confirmed that the ESC is functioning properly, so I believe the issue is with the receiver itself. I have also tested the receiver with an oscilloscope and found that the signal amplitude is much lower than expected.

The vesc doesn’t detect the signal in UART or PPM. but it works fine with other receivers.

I am reaching out to ask if anyone has any experience with this issue or has any suggestions for troubleshooting or resolving the problem. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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This might been good to cross post

Why is there not a VX1 Disconnection thread.