Garage Cleanout Sale - ALL Prices Negotiable

Let me preface with this: I’ve recently (in the last few months) gotten into the hobby of woodworking, and with that on top of this I am simply hemorrhaging money. I went through my garage and found 3 massive bins of only esk8 stuff, so below is what I found in there that’s worth something. I can not verify if any of these parts are in working condition, what you see is what you get so PLEASE keep that in mind before buying so that we can avoid the refund paypal process.

All prices negotiable, buyer pays shipping. Items will be shipped from Pleasanton, California.

Lot 1: Torqueboards Single Drive Hub Motor 90mm black with front truck and matching wheels, with orange replacement wheels (80mm)
Price: $65

Lot 2: Mini Remotes
Price: $20 each (New)

Lot 3: Torqueboards 12s ESC with Programming Box
Price: $45

Lot 4: Mountainboard Deck, Trucks, Hubs, Pulleys, Belts, bearings, other misc.
Price: $60

Lot 5: BKB Motor Mounts, 2 pairs (1L and 1R in each pair)
Price: $20/pair, $35 for both pairs

Lot 6: Chinese ESC & Remote, Psychotiller Enclosure, Voltage meter, 6s charge adapter, 2 x 3s to 6s adapter, 6s male to male extender wires, drop through 3d printed covers w/ on&off switch
Price: $30

Lot 7: 10s Charger with XT60 to laptop style adapter, comes with additional laptop adapters
Price: $10

Lot 8: Off-road wheels, trucks w/ white 65(?)mm wheels
Price: $10

Lot 9: Laser-cut Boosted-style deck & enclosure, held up for 5 years and counting
Price: $15

Lot 10: Pelican enclosure good to fit 2x speed controllers w/ holes for wires & torn up chinese enclosure
Price: $10

Lot 11: Random Box of Stuff
Price: $35


Are those black fivestars in lot 4 do you know? If so, can I buy just those with the bearings? I don’t need the deck or trucks and thats going to be majority of the shipping cost. Will take lot if necessary.

Also, excellent choice of new hobby!

You back off @Agressivstreetlamp

Kinda interested in lot 11 but I don’t have a gopro, how much without that? Also how much would shipping be to Newark 19711?

I’ll take lot 4 the mbs stuff all of it please
@Venom121212 I’ll send you Homebrew beer if you back off :grin:

@Venom121212 reached an agreement to split the lot 4. Just pm either of us and we’ll fill you in.

box of misc stuff too if its not gone


Lot 4 is dope🤙 @anorak234 your in Germany?

You scared me, though his name is german for waterproof jacket


Wow if it falls through I’m down for lot 4

Lol :joy: I guess I should read the whole thread

I thought lot 4 was matrix and five-stars as well but that is not so. Still going to take it, just waiting on the link

What is it then?

generic versions. Hubs look like fivestars but could be soemthing else.
trucks have totally round axles so they wont hold a mount that is readily available.
Pulleys are 3D printed.

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It still looks like a really good deal congrats :call_me_hand:

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its all I need to complete the mbs build! and this deck is nicer than the old comp 16 i was going to use

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Are these rubber? I think I remember them being plastic or something.

They’re rubber. Core is plastic but the wheel is rubber. I’ve ridden them before, they’re certainly not like urethane but they’re good on dirt.

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I’ll take lot 8

Uhm French too. :smile:
Also I call it a rain coat :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll take one of the new Mini remotes!

let me know if lot 4 opens up, I’d be down on that jam

I PMd for all of Lot 2 a couple hours ago

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