G0-FOC DV4 or Focbox Tenka?

I need a vesc for a 10s3p, dual 6354 3000w motor build and want to know everyone’s opinion. I like the Tenka because of all the features and the DV4 because of the price ( I am a college student so :confused: ). $228 Tenka vs $178 DV4

The Tenka puts out 70A continous and 150A Max. The DV4 puts out 60A continous and 100A Max.


DV4, please dont buy a tenka


makerx ftw, ████ █████ ███ ████ ███ ██████ ███████ ████ :slightly_smiling_face:

don’t worry about the redacted text


why the hate on Tenka? Unreliable ?

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Also, found someone on Mercari selling a mint Go-Foc Retro Vesc 4.12 bundle (whole bunch of connectors and xt60 connectors) for only $180. Is that one better? or should I get a the DV4?


Fuck the tenka lol

its a refurbished circumcised unity that u will never be able to repair if something happens to it, also don’t forget, no refunds


sold by a scammer
possibly a refurbished product
no warranty
worse performance

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maker x

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@JohnnyDog i helped u made a poll, so u know what u should choose

makerx dv4 vs tenka
  • makerx
  • dv4
  • mint go-foc retro from mercari

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The dude selling the tenka owned enertion and lied/didn’t deliver product to MANY members of this community a number of years back. He also didn’t pay his employees properly (now the engineers at Lacroix making the lovely stormcore esc) and then tried to say they stole his designs (he’s a salesman, not an electronics guy). While declaring bankruptcy with enertion, he made a fake account and was selling remaining stock of unity escs that were mostly refurbished or DOA units (illegal).

So to summarize, he’s a piece of shit.




Literally anything but a tenka. Buy a Flipsky. DIY a VESC. Get your VESC fix literally any other way than spending money on massivestator

Seriously though if that’s the option you’re down to, pick makerX