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He returned the money for Dennis stooge board (well, 1/3 of it as he’s paying it back over a few weeks)

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@GJF1 You might want to come dispel these allegations

Sorry wasn’t sure where to put it. TLDR @GJF1 gave me a good deal on a 18s5Pbattery being built but took 6 months longer than promised and I ended up spending $600 to repair it all to only have another cell group welds come undone.
I just do not want someone else to go through what I did, almost made me want to quit esk8 in my first year.

Now I am getting a battery built by ChiBatterry

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yes i get u r frustrated and all, but still rules are rules, maybe vendor issue (red) under vendor corner (blue) will suit this thread better

please don’t, i heard their battery pack isn’t that well built


solid downgrade tbh. Whatever Greig did, Chi will do worse.

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Greig made a pack that had 4 cell groups fail due to welds fyi, I am local to Chi and know the employees so having a warranty is big for me.

Most riders near me that have chi packs have had to send them in multiple times to get repaired for broken welds. One had it break 5 times before they replaced it with a new one that still had issues


There are some great battery builders on the forum that show their work in detail. Might be worth checking out


thanks, I actually had @Skyart build a new cell group for me. Very professional, unfortunately no one local in Chicago builds batteries though


That’s always a good plan.


I would recomend @TheRef. I’ve personally seen some of his batteries and they look really good.


At the time that I built @Zachsnotboard battery I had a problem with the my spot welder… That has been resolved I bought 2 k welds…

I offered a full refund he turned it down because be wanted to race.

The problem is he and his friends wanted to go with chi battery from the start but did not want to pay…

This was a complete loss. I did everything I could partial refund send him new p groups. I used 2 14g wires to do series connections and 10g for main connections with. .2 nickel bought from a repatable source.
He and friends decided to have someone change the series connectors and other things because they we not big enough for a 5p battery.

I truly wish I never took this job. Lesson learned.


Seems like there were some weird decisions on both sides… you knew you had an issue with your spot welder and still gave out a battery?