Yeah but only to a certain point.


@Shadowfax would like a word

But yes if you’re going to be going over small rocks with this thing you’re going to want all of that. For gravel trail riding, which is what I anticipate most people will be doing, a high ride height just presents a more severe injury in the event of a crash since your head/upper body is further from the ground

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Cool seeing more suspension boards. Can’t help but think it’s going to have a lot of bump steer being independent unless they make it really stiff. Leading and trailing arms don’t really suffer from this. Here’s an idea I had for the next version of “displacer”. (Baseplate and hanger not shown)


So true. My sister sent me a video of a Prius raised up with monster wheels. Seriously WTF

Good news guys. I chatted with Eric at Acedeck a few minutes ago. The suspension trucks will be available separately.


I’m curious about how hard it will be to adapt to various gear-drives systems. Honestly, the Acedeck gear-drives don’t look too shabby, but I like messing with stuff.


Does anyone knows how are thing with the Hunterboard? I’m going back between getting Acedeck Stella S1 and putting some larger wheels (and maybe playing with suspension trucks) or doing DIY. I need something under 10kg but also that can eat my city’s terrible roads and tram rails. Hunterboard looks like would close all my requirements but the reputation/feedback is a bit questionable…

Hunterboards, a new take on e-skate design?

Honestly, Hunterboards seems to be taking things too slow, not responding to criticism and being too quiet on media in general.

Not saying they can’t recover, but Acedeck has hype around them and somewhat rapid evolutions.


Its still on the shelf still awaiting attention. When you air down the shocks it has a track race board ride height. The versatility could be a useful attribute.
Thoughts and steering geometry concepts for the V-5 and Superspine came from this project.