FSESC Failure, Motors smoke


Yesterday I finally put my board together I’ve been putting for so long and I took it for my first ride. The board worked perfect FOC sensored and all. It’s been such a long journey because my FS 6.6 VESC I had before was broken. Long story short I got a new one. Today I wanted to ride and did detection again because I switched some cables while sleeving and coloring coding so I wanted to make sure that everything is fine. One motor wasn’t working so I opened it up. I got it to spin after some time but it wasn’t really spinning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKQ5T5zGJLo

I had been posted with error, motor detection failures sometimes it detected normally sometimes it didn’t, I was getting 3x red blinking light sometimes on my VESC. I wanted to figure out what may the cause be so I thought maybe it was current (control type for the remote) so I switched to Duty cycle and tried to keep it to like 1-3% with the remote. Then it had issues that it froze and it didn’t want to respond and my motor kept going and I couldn’t do anything and I noticed smoke coming out of the motors I thought that was the end so I unplugged everything quickly my antispark popped while I was taking it out I unplugged the battery from the VESC and took the whole thing outside just to be safe https://i.imgur.com/HT2ImAm.mp4

After letting it cool down the temperature it generated unsoldered some motor wires and this gold plate on the VESC https://imgur.com/a/O7YFQ0E

After connecting my VESC to a regulated power supply https://imgur.com/a/d03daPZ

VESC turned on my I get the red light blinking 17 times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZc9nfUFYO8
Will need to open up the motors and see if they are intact. At least that… After seeing how much smoke chuffed out of it I have no hopes. It’s my second VESC and first DIY only got a chance to ride it once.

I hope we get to figure something out


dadsdawdawd Pretty sure that’s the saved data before the whole accident.

Hi @IVoxuI, sorry to hear about your issues.

A short in the motor wires is pretty much deadly for any ESC. That’s probably what happened with your motors. Some windings are broken and detection only passes from time to time. The coils with broken windings get hot and ultimately the insulation melts.
Best thing to do is running everything on 3S the first time. That gives your equipment some chance of survival if anything is wrong . If your motors smoked, they are probably dead and will likely kill a new ESC the very moment you try to spin the motor.
Tip: Running VESC-Tool motor detection you should always select the 750gr motor for most skateboard motors.

You refer to the ESC as a VESC. It’s third party equipment based on VESC electric layout. VESC is only the original hardware. It would be good to call the thing by its own name. This helps others to differentiate between different hardware and qualities.


That’s not a VESC. It looks like a FSESC, based on VESC.

The gold thing is a resistor for current sensing. It definitely looks like you have a bad ESC. The question is whether a motor caused that or whether the ESC caused that.

I would disconnect the motors and do a hand test on each one.

Regardless of whether the motor caused the problem, your ESC needs repair. But if the motors test good then maybe try a new ESC. If one of the motors has an issue then maybe it might also cook another ESC, so if that’s the case I would try a new motor as well.

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@IVoxuI. Firstly, thank you for taking to time to write up a through explanation of the problem with supporting materials. It really helps alot with diagnosing the problem. Unfortunately, as Frank just mentioned, if your motor is at fault, your ESC is probably also gone. Good news, if it’s just the DRV chip, you can get someone skilled like @JohnnyMeduse to fix it, or undergo the challenge yourself. As for the motors, they will likely have to be replaced.

To be honest with you, It seems like an ESC problem here. That uneven spinning in your first video seems to show the ESC having a hard time getting everything to go properly. I would contact the ESC supplier for help. The fact that one of the shunts on the ESC also became desoldered suggests that high heat was generated there, which could be the result of a bad solder job or faulty component. This isnt fact, just speculation. I hope you can get this sorted


How old is the ESC? It should be under warranty if its within 3 months of purchase

I would love to get some info from Flipsky. I’ve provided them with videos, pictures and all. It is a FSESC 6.6. Sorry to confuse with the VESC. It’s a second time I had problems with their product. A month ago when 2 sides died, got new motors and new ESC and it happened again but now I have motor smoke in my lungs.

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2-3 Days old.

Talk to FlipSky support about it, I think you get the best responses over WeChat, phrase it in a way that makes it the ESC’s fault and not yours or the motors or they will not cover it


The second time I got their ESC because the one before was broken all I got was a $30 discount… then throw at me $40 shipping and customs fee which comes at $70.


Yikes, that’s awful…luck of the draw I guess

Thing is I thought I was buying the best. 6.6 seems pretty good spec wise. Enertion doesnt deliever and I dont know any other VESC or VESC based vendor

There is the MakerX, and ESkateSupply ones that are new and well regarded, and MayTech has the 6.8 that seems very good quality (for VESC 6.X derivatives…threre’s many other 4.X derivatives)

Trampa is going to be your official option for VESC 6.X hardware, though you’ll pay for it. 250~ish USD each.

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I’m convinced that the only ESC worth getting right now is a second hand focbox or a vesc 6

@ZachTetra l don’t think you can recommend those escs. They aren’t exactly well regarded, tested or widely used.


Fair enough, I though there were some reviews that said they perform well from LBH and mmaner

I guess you pay for quality. Would’ve gotten those if I knew how much I was going to spend lol.

I’ll look into focboxes once I figure out what I can do with my FSESC 6.6 and 2x 6374 190kv motors

I mean you can always send me the motor cans and the ESC’s connecting hardware :wink:

P.S. I might have a couple v1.6 FOCBoxes on the way eventually from Hyperion that I don’t have a need for

And I’ll be left without anything!