Fsesc 6.6 plus always on

Hi there
I own a fsesc 6.6 plus which is always on when connected to a battery (since last ride). Even when the power button is unplugged. As far as I am concerned the esc works fine fo both motors. As i opened it up i found out that the black wire from the power button came undone. Soldered it back and testet with another 6.6plus from my first board and the button works as intended. But the second fsesc satys on no matter what. Anyone in posession of knowledge here?

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Possibly the built-in anti-spark switch went kapoot like mine here:

I just replace it with antispark /loop key system and never look back.


Thanks for the answer. I guess it died when the wire was rattling around on the connector and therefore tried switching the board on and off a couple of times when i was pushing a lot of angry pixies through the fets of the antispark. Two follow ups:

  1. I run the board like in the picture. The connection from ESC to batteries serves as series connector and loopkey in one. all XT 90 Antispark. Yay or nay?
  2. Anyone knows where the section of the built in anti spark on the fsesc 6.6 plus is? Might whoop out a hotairstation and try to fix it. (mainly for the lulz and experience, i know i can ruin it )