Fs: (US) WCS/psychotiller khymera deck and enclosure

West coast standard /psychotiller khymera deck in black with 12s6p flat 21700 2pc enclosure.

Basically new, only mounted spare drive trains on it to mock up. I need a new zenith since I fried a unity in a board.

$220 plus shipping total

I may have a mbs matrix 2 drivetrain with some TB6380 that I could add for more money.


What’s that?
2 enclosures or a 2-piece enclosure?




is this a mtb style deck or a street?
cant really see from photos

looking on psychotillers site it seems to be more of a mtb deck with 35 degrees in the rear and etc

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Just informing you of options because you don’t seem settled on just one deck.


yep thanks but spesifically looking for any street deck which can fit my battery and vescs atm

thanks for the heads up

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The enclosure is 2pc slip over. The bottom half for the esc to mount on sides off


Throw some adjustable plates

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How stiff?

Also I need a board for high speed and by looking at the concave on psychotillers site this doesn’t seem to be the best deck for that

Very little to no flex. His builds with his.zero trucks were meant for speed. Sender skates has one says he felt very comfortable up to 50mph. Red beard not sure what his name on here said the same. And a local guy I’m acquainted with has multiple builds from him that he regularly goes over 40 with.

I have a set of the 3ds servisas adjustable baseplates and 260fb with gears I can throw for a comparison on what the wheels look like for turning.


Also this is to hard of an angle for adjustable base plates so would need adjustable risers which cost like 100£ so probably not so worth it for me

Cheers and good luck

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That’s a different deck though
That thing is a lacroix and this is a complete different deck

Thanks though

He shared that to show you an angle setup.



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Ah sorry my bad thought you were trying to show the deck

Let me get back to you on it as I will have to decide

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Here it is next to a haero for comparison

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I was talking about this pic.Looks like FatBoy 320 and drives

Could be wrong though

Was just mock up. While my kaly deck was with sender. You’d have to get a set from 3dservisas. The drive train that’s on the board to the right I can include with the khymera however. I can sell just the matrix trucks and you can get moon drives to go gears.

Edit I thought I was replying to a DM :laughing:

Some pictures