FS [Canada/US] OG Carvon Hubs - Unused

As mentioned back in this thread:

I bought these yonks ago but never used them.

Part of me wants to, but once the thane wears down I don’t know what I’d do. I don’t have the skillz to make new thane. So I think I’d rather sell them to someone who can appreciate them and get commodity DD parts that can take kegel wheels or something.

The sale fell through back then so I’m selling these once again for exactly what I paid for them: $399 US plus shipping from Canada.

They are reviewed here:

Mine don’t look exactly like the ones in the review - they are made with Paris trucks - I think they might actually be pre-OG.

cc @anorak234 since you expressed some interest back then.


He bought the set I had


Thanks for the @. These should go to @linsus, I know he wanted them last we chatted. Between my campus skater, my racing board, my mountain board, and a project involving autonomous vehicles and VESC6s I’ve got enough on my hands at the moment.


What is the Kv of these motors?

Hey @anorak234 do you know the answer to that question?