FS: 10S2P + 10S5P 30Q batteries

Hello, to support my current project I am looking to sell my current batteries and a remote.

Both batteries are very low use with 2 charge cycles a piece.

The first is a 10s2p from Mboards (yes I actually received my order from them)

$150 shipped in USA (includes battery, charger brick and battery side charging cable)

The second battery I have for sale is a 10s5p custom built by

The link is for a 10s4p with 30Q and without shipping (10s5p was $238 plus $68 shipping)
10s5p-Model.pdf (144.6 KB)
actual CAD file from them.
$230 shipped in USA (no charger included)

I also have a Flipsky VX1 and do not need it anymore now that my project is controlled in a different way.

$30 shipped in USA

I am only selling these things because the 10s2p doesn’t have the output I need and the 10s5p isn’t configured like I need it to be for my AWD hubmotor Ekart project. I am using the money to buy a 10s6p that is configured in the more cubic shape that I need.

I have many years of positive feedback on Ebay and can answer any questions you have via PM or comment.

I dont really use facebook but can also be contacted on IG @ dragonthreemoons

Thanks for looking!

I’ve got a 10s4p Panasonic NCR18650 pack that is quite literally a cube. Willing to trade? :P. Obviously I’d throw in (the cost for) an extra 20 or 40 cells.

I need the 6P for the max continuous output for powering 4 hub motors at close to peak power on acceleration. sorry.

How much current do you need? The pack can easily be augmented for more p groups and I’d throw in the cost for those. Although I do see one problem is that the panasonic cells are 10A rated while 30Qs are 15A rated.

to run the motors at all 4 max i would need 120A. I am cool with 90A from a 10s6p 30q

I see, well, was worth a shot :P.

Also, I’d recommend using a pair of these instead https://www.genstattu.com/ta-25c-14000-6s1p-as150.html

Same cost, WAY more capacity and power. since they 50% off rn.

I bought a pair of these a while back, haven’t gotten around to using them because I can’t find a suitable BMS and I got the version with the wrong plugs, grrrrrr.

Remote sold!

I have 30t cells. Would you be willing to trade?

30q can do 20a without breaking a sweat… 6p capable of 120a.


I need a complete battery.

They can, I was just going off of what the actual listed battery specs were.

Is the thickness of the 10s2p in fact 33mm? Any way to make it thinner? I only have 25-26 in a NeoOne deck

32.58mm to be exact. Just measured with calipers.

I imagine that the BMS is probably on top of the cells rather than at the end of the pack.
You may be able to strip the shrink wrap and just rearrange things but that is not something I am going to do.

Bump! Shipped the remote today! Now let’s ship some batteries!

Batteries no longer for sale.

Can’t tell from the iPhone browser how old this post is, but if you change your mind about that 10S5P, I would like to take it, please. Let me know.

considering this thread is over a year old, and this person hasn’t been online in a while I think it’s as good as closed.

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Sorry about that. As I’ve stated, all I see On my phone browser is ‘Mar 20.’ Can’t tell whether that’s March the 20th or March 2020. Sorry, I’m a noob here, but thanks.

It doesn’t say March '20 for u? The ’ means it’s 2020.

OK. Thanks. :+1: