FreeSK8 Mobile App - Public Beta Launch!

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce our FreeSK8 Mobile application is now available to the public. It works with Android and iOS devices and has a number of useful features even if you don’t own FreeSK8 hardware. A BLE connection and VESC firmware 5.1 or higher is required.

FreeSK8 Mobile:
An open source, rider-centric cross platform mobile application for VESC compatible ESCs and FreeSK8 devices

Robogotchi and Xenigotchi users will get to take full advantage of the application with an expanded feature set:

  • Always-on data logging
  • GPS ride mapping
  • Lifetime ride statistics
  • Continuous fault monitoring
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Video overlay support

Features available to anyone with a BLE Module connected to their ESC:

  • Real time data
  • Speed profiles
  • Input configuration
  • PPM calibration routine
  • Motor configuration
  • FOC detection routine
  • FlexiBMS & DieBieMS telemetry
  • Customizable board names & avatars
  • Vehicle Manager
  • TCP WiFi Bridge

Download links are available at
Documentation efforts are underway at

If you are a developer that is looking for open source project to contribute to- shoot us a message @DRI as we’d love to hear from you. FreeSK8 Mobile App development is still active & we have a good amount planned for the future!

A huge thank you to our beta testers who were a critical part in getting to where we are now. If you’d like to stay a beta tester, great! We could use you :wink: If not, please send us a request to remove you from whichever platform(s) you are testing so you can take advantage of the public releases :smiley:

We’ve been building our next batch of Robogotchii that start shipping next week after testing is complete. To get your hands on one visit the DRI Shop or Full Send Electric



Woooooooo! Awesome work @skate420 and a pleasure to work with you, as always.


This is rad! I can’t say it enough guys! Awesome job!!!


take my money andrew i need a module in my board now :rofl:


So, i can get good use of this with only my stormcore 60d+? Until i can buy the robogotchi i mean.


Thank you and likewise! We’ve had the best time with this project and what’s to come is only going to get better!


You can. We’ve tested with the stormcore, xenith/unity and spintend built in Bluetooth.


Great! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Love this app, I’ve set up 2 boards without using vesctool which is strictly reserved for FW updates these days. Good work FreeSk8 crew!


@skate420 Awesome project!

So when you say bluetooth module, do other types of modules like Metr Pro and the iLogger work as well?

Or would it need to be like one of the NRF ones


Great work all around team. I’ve logged 1000 miles using the app and have loved every bit of it.

The developer feedback is always rapid and helpful. Improvements are frequent and intuitive. Definitely a project to pay attention to.


Congratulations!! Definitely a great tool, y’all did a great job at everything including the fast turn around to any issues or questions.


Great work! Gonna start logging some miles. Been waiting eagerly for this release :pray:


Wow, I was starting to get really impressed by the clean UI, and having the setup stashed away in the menu away from the data screens, so there’s no chance to screw something up during usage.

Unfortunately I tried the Input Configuration and saw that ADC has been entirely stripped out. While I understand it’s a niche usage, that’s my usage… So that’s where the FreeSk8 adventure stops for me…


Thanks! We have tested Metr Pro modules successfully. I imagine the iLogger works as well but can’t say for certain that we’ve tried.


Would this work with 4.12 Flipsky VESC? I know I would have to get a module. Just wondering if it would work

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Awesome, I’ll try it out when I get the chance, just downloaded it.

Do you know if you are able to track to both Metr Pro and the Freesk8 apps simultaneously?

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yes, provided you’ve got the right firmware, and the right NRF51x based Bluetooth module.


My ble is in the mail, looking forward to trying this out

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Mine says it’s wait for motor configuration… any meaning why it won’t let me do anything else…

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