Forget top speed, what is your average speed?

We all know the guys with big dicks boards like to show off their top speed charts.

I’m interested you guys’ AVERAGE speeds are like for the ride. (“Average moving speed” to be technical. We’re not counting bathroom and snack breaks)

Please post in the following format:

  • avg speed
  • type of trail (bike lane, off road, streets, sidewalk, etc)
  • type of riding (fun ride, commuter tool for work, groceries etc)
  • What wheel (thane, pnumatic, etc)
  • pic (optional)

I’ll start:


This was all one ride… 6 miles out and 6 miles back.

  • 25.0 mph (40.2 kph)
  • Paved trail (rails to trails)
  • Testing AVIO MK2 for science
  • Haggy Bergmeister pneumatic tires

24 mph average (39 kph)
4.1 miles (6.6 km)

21 mph average (34 kph)
1.9 miles (3.1 km)

27 mph average (43 kph)
6.0 miles (9.6 km)


Average, or what I ride at usually?

I usually ride at about 20-25, so my “average” is that.

My real average is probably lower 'cause of stop lights/signs, traffic, and stuff like that with some 30mph sprinkled in, so perhaps my actual average is closer to 15. I’ll look at my DaveGa tonight and see with pics.


Just interested to see the data between avg speeds, board, and ride style. (pnumie riders ride faster and does more leisure rides, etc)

Yeah, “moving average” if your tracker has that option. That cuts out all the stops and waiting


I stopped logging every ride a long time ago, but guess it didn’t change much


Smooth neighborhood/ city streets
Currently 90mm/62mm cp boosted clones. Switching to 100mm torque boards wheels and or cloud wheels soon

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20-22 when cruising and running errands.
Did 26 miles today running errands.

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Top is lifetime, bottom is last ride which I went slower than usual cause low battery.


Issues or too lé tired to charge?

@murdomeek super valid benchmark of hard riding. A .2 sec spike of max speed means your build max matches your esk8calc math.

I won’t clutter this thread.
24mph, 4.7 mi 930pm Downtown San Diego traffic
22mph 7.7 mi Grand Canyon service roads
25mph 4.7 mi 2am downtown SD
23mph 8.5 mi SD
High 30mph, 4 mi Lancaster race.


Admittedly lazyness. :sweat_smile:

Didn’t want to run out of juice halfway home. Had to maximize mileage!


I lose that race every time.


I Bet @MoeStooge @JaysTCB @BluPenguin And some SF riders have some wicked fast long hauls.


I do recall an average lap speed of 42mph at Lancaster 1.2 mile with 5 turns involved put down by @Arzamenable :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

@JaysTCB did 2.2mile uphill at Maryhill on IDF timing in 2min 58sec 44.5mph average speed starting from a dead stop.


21km/h for the two days I was testing my board? This’ll go up as I commute regularly again. It’s about an equal mix of sidewalk surfing and street.

  • 21km/h (13mph)
  • Sidewalk / street mix
  • Commuter tool
  • 165mm nummies

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My average is 12.5mph, no matter what board, riding in the city for my daily commute.

Average about 15mph joyriding, again on any board, thane or pneumatic.

I have found these to be pretty consistent, not really sure why. Even when I am pushing for speed and I feel like I am going faster on average, I still wind up right around 15mph average. Guess thats just where im comfortable at :man_shrugging:


I like this thread. I’ve averaged 15mph over the last few weeks of riding.

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prediction scenario when @kook posts his numbers


Ohhhhh, over allllllll

I do a lot of pit stops. Does the davega record only actual rolling time, not stopped time?

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40 km/hr at the city…20 km/hr off roading…7 km/hr wife riding together (maybe less)…

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