For the 250lbs & Up club would it be blasphemy….

29”x11” with gbomb or ideatb brackets for my next built

Why is that thing so expensive ? Isn’t it just a plain pice of plastic/Wood with no flex nor concave ?

Edit : and what is it interest compared to a gbomb specific deck ? (If we already are in this price range)

It’s the closest thing to this :frowning:
I want this deck😛

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Capacity of up to 450lbs and its concave……( cheap)

What about those ? If i recall a thread i’ve seen months ago, they do customs for a decent price

I’m like 280 pls

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I looked into these as well and they are not for people over 190lbs

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I will cut this as my next option

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Well custom could include more plys,

I don’t know, that balance board is rated for 450lbs but it won’t anymore once you’ll screw your brackets through the sides

Seriously I have no idea, it just “feels” like it’s not the best good for the bucks

I’m trying to replicate this here


It indeed looks amazing, did you ask @IDEA what deck he did use ?

There’s other brackets afficionados here, maybe @DavidF has some ideas


He Said it’s a prototype/I did get the brackets and mounts tho;)

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Is that deck really only 29" long? The one in the first pic looks a lot shorter (I know it doesn’t have the extended trucks or mounts) but I think I’m missing something

I’m around 225-230 and hadn’t really thought about weight limits, have people had issues with breaking decks around this weight? I’m using a very stiff concave maple/bamboo 35/36" from electric board solutions in the EU and generally paranoid about all parts of the relatively new build so it gets inspected every day or two so I reckon I’m safe but maybe I’m way off

The revolution 101 balance board is 30”x12” this on is like 35x13

Ah cool, so is the shorter length a compromise or you want to recreate this but smaller or what?

I’m going to cut the east side longboard it’s 40 or 42x10”

If only that lee dude Fromm apex would get off U-tube and mill some more APEX AIR TRUCKS WICH I’ve been trying to purchase I would only need get some six shooters (6x3) a hiber zenithmklll enclosure for a12a5p217000 42t pack for the one of those U box ……Patience is a mother in virtue!!!

Where are you from? There’s a company in Portugal that builds relatively cheap custom decks

For my IDEA brackets I built my own deck with a Roarockit kit, which is by far the more fun :grin:
The shape of my deck is very close to IDEA’s prototype, see for yourself