[For sale - US] Lacroix Nazare Supersport 18s - $2,500 complete

This board is located in the SF bay area. I’m going to be out of town until Jun 10, 2024, so I won’t be able to ship it until then.

It’s still for sale and available so hit me up if you want dibs or would like to talk about picking it up in the future.

$1,500 for deck + electronics (no trucks/gear drives/motors/wheels)
$2,500 for everything
$2,800 shipped to USA

I’m putting my Lacroix dream board up for sale, because I haven’t been riding it, and I’m building another board.

Speed = over 40mph. It will touch 42mph on a full charge.
Range = the longest ride I did was 30 miles on the dot, and that was using all of a full charge.

This board is ready to go for many miles. Cosmetically it has a few scratches, because it has been ridden, but mechanically everything is in tip top shape and the parts are like new. Nothing has been abused. It has a little over 500 miles of lifetime use, so it is basically just broken in and ready for thousands of miles of use.

The battery is in perfect health, and has always been stored at 3.5v-3.6v per cell to preserve the battery health while not in use.

Parts list:

  • Lacroix Nazare Supersport 18s4p battery. P groups spot welded by @Skyart of SKP. Battery soldering/assembly by me.
  • @Boardnamics BN-AT gear drive with 5.5 ratio straight cut steel gears.
  • SKP 173kv motors.
  • Metr pro can sd (all time gps logging).
  • @Ean.esk8 Newbee pentagram v2 rims.
  • Stormcore 100d.
  • Hypertrucks upgraded to titanium axles.
  • Hoyt Puck.
  • SKP 18s charger.
  • Extras include more pivot cups for the hyper trucks, and a bunch of hypertruck bushings.

Pickup preferred on this but I can also ship if you need it.


That’s a pretty nice handle. I bet whoever made it was handsome and smart and successful.

GLWS :heart:


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This board will get you sax


I’m in SF bay area for a week or two if anyone wants to come test ride.

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If this doesn’t sell and you need someone to store it for you, I am your guy!!!
I would even take it out periodically to make sure it’s ok.


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I’ve seen it in action,it’s a deal ,buy it !,

I’m open to offers on this. Would prefer to sell in the next two weeks if I can.

Hey all I’m open to parting this out too, if I can sell the deck combo first.

$1650 gets you the deck + enclosure + 18s4p battery with smart BMS, Stormcore 100d, davega, metr pro can sd, hoyt puck receiver, duck handle, and SKP charger. (Pickup or buyer covers shipping)


Price drop

$1,500 for deck + electronics (no trucks/gear drives/motors/wheels)
$3,000 for everything


Where is pickup located? I saw you said you were in SF for a couple weeks… Any chance you are headed up to or around Portland OR anytime soon? How old is the battery, you and skp built it? I assume it’s p42a? Could you estimate mileage for both original board and or on the new battery? What happened to the falcon gear drive? Thanks!

Board is currently near SF. I won’t be coming to portland until August, but I can ship it if you’d like.

The battery is p42a and has 500 miles on it. P groups were assembled and welded by SKP. The rest of the solder/assembly done by me.

The board has around 800 lifetime miles on it. It wasn’t used much before the original lacroix battery pack needed to be replaced.

I sold the falcon gear drive because the falcon drive is not a great design. Bad freeroll. Parts would come loose. Made the rear trucks wider than the front. Fixing a flat tire was a nightmare because you had to take everything apart. The BN-AT are much better gear drives overall.


Why do I want one of EVERY board :man_facepalming:t2:
I need to sell a board or 2…



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$10 price reduction :grin:

$2,990 takes it


I’m leaving this board is sunnyvale while I go on a multi month road trip. If anyone is interested - speak now or hold your peace for 3+ months.

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Final price drop - $2,800

If it doesn’t sell in the next week I’ll keep it until the summer and try to sell it again then.


Putting a package deal out there in case anyone wants a sweet drivetrain to put on a different deck.

Hypertrucks drivetrain package - $1425 shipped for hypertrucks + boardnamics BN-AT 5.5 straight cut steel gear drives, Skyartpower 6485 173kv motors, newbee pentagram hubs, tires, and the full range of hyper truck bushings. The hypertrucks have the upgraded titanium axles from lacroix.