Foodies Unite! What’s good in your area?

I love to eat! Probably because I have the munchies like all the time. When I first moved to San Diego from Long Beach, I was surprised at some of the food they had that was not available just two hours north. Salted pepper chicken wings, carne asada fries and soda in a glass bottle from Mexico are all amazing foods and beverages that have to be sampled when visiting. Mexican soda makes American soda taste fake. French fries with carne asada. sour cream.guacamole and cheese all piled on is heaven on earth. What are some of the local treats or variations of classic snacks that your town has to offer? Id love to know what is a must try the next time im skating in your town



I love squirts… Also the Mexican Coca Cola is good… :smiley: Hermosa beach, so a couple hours north of you…

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Originally from long beach. I had to really search for those Mexican cokes up north. The are all over in San Diego for obvious reasons

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Well I’m in buffalo so…

Wings yo

Theres a ramen joint near me called “yokohama”.

its 100% authentic japanese food for less that $8 a meal. Honestly, my favorite restaurant by far. Americanized japanese is good, but hot garbage compared to this.

A few years back it was reviewed by food network and they said to go here over any other restaurant in wichita if they had to pick one. (For oriental category)


Haha… Why’d you have to leave :joy: Got no one to ride with :smiley::joy:

Turns a simple bowl of rice into bliss!


Interesting… my son loves furikake on his rice but I personally hate seaweed. I eat rice plain. Mot wven a drop of soy sauce

Cincinnati is the home of skyline chili. You love it or you hate it.

We also have a huge German population so Cincinnati is known for goetta. I can’t stand it :face_vomiting:

Its basically sausage and grain smashed into a patty.


Sonoma, we got hella wine🤣


Skyline chili? Plz explain


I’ll be In Anaheim in a month for work, any recommendations for cool spots to eat?

Chili on hotdogs and spaghetti but it’s a weird style of chili. If I tell you the secret local ingredients you will immediately be grossed out.

It’s cinnamon and chocolate. Sooooo good.

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Go to Sahara falafel, got the best shawarma in town. That’s if you know what shawarma is.


You gotta head to El Cajon to try out some good Arabic food. Get some kebab at Mal-al sham

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There some pretty dope authentic Mexican tacos at a gas station near me. I live in fort myers Florida, it’s where everything goes to die. Old people, businesses, etc. you want it to die? Bring it here. Cool restaurants don’t make it. The old people won’t go and the overhead is high for any store.

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God damnit Karam… i said local foods not what is your favorite condiment. Siracha is everywhere. Im usually not of fan of Arabic food but I do love meat on a stick


Taco Vasquez, estero.

Dude you are right! Does sound gross… you got hot dogs, chili, spaghetti, chocolate and cinnamon. If im ever in Cincinnati, I will at least take a bite. Im always willing to take a bite but will spit shit out quick if it’s gross.