Folding commuter?

From what I’ve found this seems like one of the more stable prebuilt options. Never tried it though.

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bearings of that size made from 316L and 440C stainless steel are used in the food processing industry

even in that application they are contraindicated for stagnant liquids. gotta keep the corrosive liquids flowing, and the equipment has to be cleaned out before being left idle

they’ll wear out faster on our skateboards simply because stainless steel isn’t as strong, durable, and hard as crmo steel, or even the cheap carbon steel i assume is used in no-name bearings

bearings with peek or ceramic rings/races are even more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, but would fare even worse on a skateboard

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There have been a few builders in Sydney that i have seen use the Boardup 33" deck as the platform for their boards. From what I have seen they had used dual hub motors for their drive and a Li-Ion 10s battery pack or lipo cells. It folded very well keeping everything compact.
I am embarking on my 3rd build, attempting to build a suitable travel board that i can pack away in my luggage and carry the battery pack in my carry on.

I took the photos as a reference to see what the size difference would be between an evolve bamboo 1 deck and the boardup deck. Waiting on the internals to arrive before I start to put it all together


I’ve built a couple of board up builds and looking at those enclosures I don’t think that would fold very flat. I might be wrong but space is really tight. I’ve gone with dual hubs and 10s2p 21700 battery. All fitted on the back half of the board.

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Oh you are absolutely correct. The evolve trucks i am using wont allow the board to fold up completely anyways. For my purposes it folds enough to be able to carry it around. I have yet to actually finish my build because im waiting on parts so the setup my change.

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Looks great though, it is a real challenge using the board up deck there really is no space for anything.

What battery are you planning on using?


Still folds flat and it means I can fit it in a normal backpack.


The Idea i had was to have 4x 3s 8ah Lipo’s equating to a 12s 8ah pack with a D140 Charge only BMS wired in so that when travelling abroad i can pull the battery apart and each 3s pack would be below the flight limit for batteries and then i could reassemble it all when I arrive at the destination. Of course now with the restrictions on international travel, the build may morph into something else.

I love how clean this build is. Its a perfect commuter. Nice work man =)

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Is there any reason why you couldn’t make the board fold in the other direction (grip tape to grip tape)? I think you’d solve a lot of space issues that way…

Two issues with that approach:

  1. Wheels face away from each other which doubles the folded width.
  2. The locking mechanism now needs to be able to support the entire weight of the board. The folding mechanism on BoardUp is quite clever, as it allows the weight of the board to be supported by the hinge pin, and the face of the hinge itself, and places almost no load on the locking mechanism.

Thanks mate, it really is great as a computer I’m getting about 14 miles of range and about 23mph. I’m surprised how stable the board is given its length it great fun to ride


That’s right, there’s no way I would ride a board that could fold up the other way.

I just thought I’d share how I did it.

I initially had it in one enclosure but it was rear heavy and it was a very tight fit. I separated it then to two enclosures for better balance and fit. It folds flush so it still fits normal backpacks. The battery enclosure should fit a 10S2P battery but I’m currently using a 6S3P (I already had the battery before planning the build) so I could take it to flights. Wheels are 90mm but I had to make and use my own wedge riser for the front truck.

I just got some DKL non-abrasive griptape so that I’m not wearing linings of bags I do decide to put this in.


Looks great, have you got a photo of it folded.


Amazing, did you change the battery?

Not yet. I’m thinking of redoing it with 2 x 10s1p and a VESC. But I’d have to redesign enclosures.