Focbox Unity issues

Well im one of them with the issue.
I know very well the difference between a cut and a full brake.
Deodand has confirmed there is an issue both in the topic and in a pm to me, so i don’t understand why some people still keep questioning there is an issue to start with.
Firmware fixes clearly mentions the issue too.


I am sure there is a issue. I was answering @Venom121212 concerning the low Kv motors.

They are building a test rig (i thought they had one but ok) but that might take weeks. Deo also mentioned he does not have a lot of time in between new projects. Well not that it matters for me as im out for weeks anyway
@ray,i know, just general reply.

I thought people buy ownboards because they don’t have to open their enclosure and don’t have to tinker with anything.
My is working flawlessly with the Unity though.

Since I run 13s I feel so happy I spent all my cash on end of run foxboxes rather than unity pre-orders :slight_smile:

Unity sounds like a bad case of customers testing products.

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I appreciate I’m new here but I’m not new to the eskate scene and quite frankly WTF.

We have someone asking about multiple people reporting issues, the discusion of which clearly being hidden from their own forum. These Issues are around a new and complex product from a company with a track record of struggling with product launches. Also a ‘chequred’ history of honesty and openness, and that’s putting it kindly

The ‘open minded’ assumption is that 80% of them are either liars or idiots.

I mean bugger reporting the facts as we understand them and make clear the things we don’t know - regarding either party.

This is true in my case as well. I usually set up with pc. The app was even acting super weird when it happened. I noticed that when I bumped my motor setting up 10a and hit apply, the mconf write message didn’t pop up but it acted like it programmed.

@Gerrycorrado I hope you don’t have any qualms with me. I’m only trying to track down factual data on cases and weed out non-unity users that are just complaining about other people complaining.

And queue Damon!

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Yeh my was a joke. Just to say that if I have to come back to open the enclosure everytime it’s just not the thing. I have been using HM10 modules and metr pro as well. Evrything except open the enclosure.

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My issues thus far are

  • no traction control
  • lack of advanced fine tuning
  • silicone sleeve makes it difficult to use adhesive successfully on the ports to keep the cables in
  • the delays

Other than that i really can’t complain. It eliminates parts and is dead easy to set up. All of my other bitches and moans were catered to in the last firmware update.


Have you tried out the traction control in the new update and just didn’t like it?

What actually bothers me most is that they know/knew about the issue but didn’t warn people. No “sorry gerry” either.
Anyways… Im done complaining (at least for today :sweat_smile:)

There was one reenactment of the issue even on video. It was exactly the same as mine, but with bindings. :smiley: I am less mad, but still kind of mad. It will pass, but until Unity is fixed I will just use some VESC6s. Maybe they will even hold their word and replace my Unity. It’s a first batch one with some shoddy assembly, so I wouldn’t be surprised it had issues because of that.

when did they release traction control in an update? i was told its not out yet. If it is out, i want it badly.

Prev sofw version mentions something about traction. In that version it was off by default by the way (its the last one i tested and i tried on grass to find it turned off. Didn’t try it enabled)

It’s under the remote config


OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH. I’m quitting my job right now so i can go home and check for that setting.

Wait… is there any difference between the android version you have and the desktop windows version i have?

And just to confuse people, i’m running windows 10 on a 2012 imac now lol


To my knowledge, anything in the app is available on windows. Not everything on the desktop is available on the app though, I’ve found

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Traction Control is different to the ‘virtual differential’ then ? By which I mean if you hold one wheel on the bench and add throttle the other wheel spins as normal, and then upon release they both spin ?

Cool consists mostly of not trying to be cool.


We need some real traction control where if the esc defects that one wheel is spinning faster then the other (a significant amount faster)it will ramp down the wheel that is slipping to regain control