Focbox Unity issues

Can someone explain what are the issues people are having with their Focbox Unities?

The topic seems to have been banned on the esb forum and I didn’t have the chance to read it


Random failures at apparently any voltage or current leading to the unity applying full brakes instantly. They happen at random and i dont know if anyone found the cause yet


Before this thread turns into an enertion hate circle jerk.

Please could we consider that firstly, Jeff is on this like a fat kid on cake and secondly, I’d hazard a guess that 80% of the reported cases of this happening are either:

  • Buyers remorse
  • General enertion discord
  • Failures on other components in the build
  • Inexperienced riders simply falling over and needing a scapegoat
  • Bandwagoning to join the cool kids club

I’m happy to be proven wrong however. Open mind.


just what i wanted to say. i don´t want to talk the unity good, but i think we should look on the reported accidents with a bit a distance and don´t just point the finger and say, yes the unity did cause that. That might have been the case in one or the other accident, but we still build diy boards and there many parts which can fail and cause a lock up or cut off


I have three unities now. Two barely used but one on about ~400 miles. I know other people who have thousands on them with no issues.

I fully appreciate that not all products are manufactured equally, especially in a low wage environment, but we can’t just damn a whole project because a tiny percentage of people have experienced issues.


Leave them fat kids alone. It’s the cakes’ fault for being so damn tasty.

I really do think there is a problem since several people have reported the same issue of eating street due to sudden full brakes at speed.
Yes they did have different setups as in motor brand and battery configuration but all report sudden full brakes for no apparent reason.


People also mistake “full brakes” for belt drag and underestimate how hard the transition from 20+mph to sudden drag can be.

I’m not saying everyone is experiencing this but some of these people could just be losing power and then flinging off the front because of the sudden deceleration.

People have been hurt, quite badly in fact, so I don’t want to talk down their concerns too hard but I think we’d all benifit from trying to look at this objectively here. How many damn esc options do we have?

@DerelictRobot Andrew - public call out for you to make us a reliable vesc. It could be argued that by not applying your college drop out intellect into this project you are in fact risking people’s well being? Brian would argue that for me I’m sure.


had that happen on a steep incline going full throttle and slipped off the throttle wheel. felt like braking hard.

my unity never had an issue other than cutouts while accelerating from standstil.

new 23.44 firmware solved that and my unity is working fine now.

I like the unity for its simple setup. I don‘t like the fact you can not use custom firmware (but I get it) and remotes like trampas wand (uart) are not working with it. but why is the osrr working then?

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no cool kid has ever uttered ‘cool kids’ but otherwise carry on


I’m not in the club, clearly :sunglasses:

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I have 2x Unitys (Unities?) and the first one did have random accel blips at low speed. Enough to make me lose my balance, but not enough to totally throw me off. I noted this along with a few others on the other place and Deodand was on this quickly, along with the other reported problems that I had not experienced.

Since the latest update I have not been able to replicate the fault/issue so am hopeful that it’s been resolved. I am still nervous riding it at the moment and am ready for anything to happen which is taking a little bit of the enjoyment away, but this should hopefully pass as I rack up more and more miles on the boards.


I personally have 2 unities. One still packed. The other over 700km with no problem. 12s3p MAD Fury DD 75Kv. I know most of the problem are with high Kv motors. Probably they tested unity mostly with Raptor hubs.


And therein lies the rub, they need to budget for a variety of test mules different motors and drive and they need a couple of dyno test benches to simulate lots of different situations

I feel for Jeff, software has bugs but you can’t impinge safety & this is outside of Jeff’s remit to catch them all on the way off his desk, it’s on Enertion for not being able to QA this software effectively

that is not some geezer going for a ride on an enertion deck,it’s end-2-end testing with lots of options.

Why not include the support guys and bring them closer to the tech…


I agree that should have established multiple testing setups. I think in one of the video they showed a Raptor fastened to a belt to test the motors. They should improve it with a weight on top to better simulate they riding conditions or even couple the motor on the shaft with a gear thst gives back a similar resistance compare to a 80Kg person. In this way they could test efficiently a variety of motors and saftly reproduce the errors.


Exactly it’s not a complicated piece of machinery, we went over it on the other place, Blasto who works in some capacity for Enertion was doing something but I think it went to the back-burner perhaps in favour of the The Saw build. If that is the case the priorities need to be made good in this area.

Brent has a point though there are different perspectives on how many incidents are directly attributable to the F/W, a new release was issued and that would tend to favour the idea that there was a good chance of a contributory factor.

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Problem that here we don’t have the guys that are allow to improve the unity :sweat_smile:

There are people on the other thread claiming the opposite; that it happens on low kv motors specifically lol. That thread is a mess.

Unity, 200kv motor, 2000+ miles - > no issues.


I had some hiccups with the Unity, but as @Andy87 said I can’t 100% rule out my incompetence. Once the Unity did a strange reset similarly to what @Venom121212 did happened just recently. Then I had the same slow speed acceleration delays as @Toughook which are solved with the latest firmware. Somehow I think a lot of the problems came from the unstable bluetooth module. In the cases I communicated with the guys having problems with their Unitys they did motor detection and setting changes with their phones via bluetooth. I am just guessing here, so please take it as that.


well I did my setups on BT as well, if that helps the record. I also did the updates via BT as well, which have now seemingly fixed my issues.

Not really helpful is that hahah ?


Ahahah ok. I only read of a low Kv problem raised by @Chase who was actually using my same motors, but the issue seems different from the one the other claim during hard accellaration. For the rest the low Kv motors the people reported were actually 170Kv range. Ok less then 190Kv but still high compare to hub motors.

@Toughook I also always update through the Bluetooth and same for setting. If I have to open the enclosure everytime then I will get a ownboard instead :rofl:

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