esk8 calc donate now - website launch

Hi peeps,

Some of you might have already seen it but I launched a new webshop where I sell a new complete high performance board:

After three years of selling diy parts it was time to take the next step. Most of the guys here are not that interested in prebuild boards but I would like to take the time to thank everyone that supported me in the last years. Supporting in buying parts from ElectricBoardSolutions or just by giving good advice! :slight_smile:

The boards are for sale at early bird price, if you are interested or you know guys in your community that might be interested in the board, spread the word :wink:

For the DIY builders, the deck + enclosure and deck alone are also available at early bird discount

Some pics below, see you at the next ride!


Up to 80km range (1400Wh, 12s10p Samsung 35E)
Speed up to 45km/h
2x 6374 3500W maytech motor’s
Stormcore 60D

200mm/8" pneumatic tires
MBS Rockstar II hubs
Metal Matrix II trucks
Custom deck: poplar, glass - and carbonfiber
CNC aluminum 7075 motor mounts
20mm wide pulleys and belts
15T steel motor pulley
68T aluminum wheel pulley
Flipsky VX1 remote
4A charger
5mm thick ABS enclosure
Stainless steel hardware
:call_me_hand:nice congrats


Very cool, but I wonder, are the lacroix guys all good with this design? Looks very similar to a prototipo from the pictures
I don’t mean to be a bummer in any way, wish you guys luck!
Cool offer for the deck+enclosure as well!


Lacroix is working on their next generation of boards that will include the stormcore ESCs, so I don’t think they’re too worried that something like this is coming out now that is effectively making their Jaws offering obsolete.

Plus, they still have their hypertrucks.


I was on that launch today! If order number was any indicator I was order #2 someone else must be quicker than me =P


Guilty. Love my OG ebs deck/encl, so it only made sense to pick up another pair.

Trying to convince my buddy to pick up a complete too. Looks like a pretty sweet deal, especially if big range is important to you.


Well I don’t think there are many ways you can make the board look, the prototipo used MBS components and obviously lacroix doesn’t own the design rights to, and beyond that you only have a choice over the deck, which HAS to have that shape or spring trucks won’t turn, and the enclosure which has to be like that otherwise it won’t flex

Edit: I’m a fan of both though. Board looks good and absolutely shits on evolve for only a tiny bit more. WIll be adding to my reccomendation list.


It looks like you take PayPal on the eboardsolutions site but not the flux motion site.
Will you be adding PayPal as an option?


Just realized the enclosure is made from ABS. Is it really flexy & sturdy enough to hold that massive battery? Maybe I just got unlucky, but the only ABS enclosure I’ve ever bought was garbage :laughing:


Hahaha. Damn you


I’m very excited for this one. I’m now enjoying long ride on comfortable boards. And that’s exactly what this board screams Loads of good quality fun at an affordable price

Does it look like a wannabe Nazare!? Yeah. Maybe but tbh. I don’t think that really matters cuz the choice is there People can always choose to buy Lacroix if thats what they want
Besides. Til this day I haven’t seen Lacroix offer Nazare deck and enclosures to the diy community. And if they did y’all know we are talking $700 for the combo.

That’s why I think this is pretty good :man_shrugging:t2:


Dibs when you sell it in a few weeks/months :joy:


Bahaha. That’s a low blow homie.
Trust me. I’m keeping this one for 2 weeks at least :grin:


now lets talk about a battery =P do we build an 18650 or try n see if we can squeeze some sort of 21700 in?


:joy:. I want one. I thinks it’s as close to a prototipo as I’m gonna get.


Haha. Nothing can compare to prototipo brother. Specially when it has your face all over it :rofl:. I know mine does


Sadly. I’ve ordered just deck n enclosure with that in mind but cancelled that and ordered a whole “SUPER” early bird board just because it will be cheaper For me in the long run and pack that it comes with will be more than enough to fulfill my needs :heart_eyes:

C’mon guys. You Can’t beat $2100 Price tag for a board like this


I think there is a surprise coming your way. Its called uncle sam.


Uncle Sam collected $140 from Nazare a while back :rofl:


I think vertically, you could add some padding to get the 21s in. Problem is width wise on 10 cells, you are looking at an extra 3cm. probably wont happen.