Flux Motion Build

Just finished a flux build. Battery inspired by @Ean.esk8

Parts list

Flux Motion DIY deck and enclosure by @EboardSolutions with 2 gaskets to allow for the monster battery
Flux heatsink
16s6p P42A by @Skyart (cells from the group buy by @MrDrunkenMobster Thanks again! )
Fatboy 320 V3 straight gear drive (4:1)by @3DServisas
Fatboy 320 hangers with MBS Matrix 2 metal brackets
Lacroix 6389 140 KV motors with 3d Servisas adapter plates
Lacroix Stormcore 100D by @Arch and company
MBS Rockstar 2 hubs with Kenda 8" tires and tubes
Hoyt puck remote

I mounted the heatsink in the back corner of the enclosure pocket to leave room for some future lighting electronics.

This build is an absolute pleasure to ride, plenty of torque and more speed than I need.

The battery work by @Skyart is a thing of beauty and a monster Power Plant for this machine, I can say it was a pleasure dealing with him and his work is exceptional!

If I could change anything I would have rotated the motors around another 90 degrees to have the wires concealed next to the gear drives, but the green loctite on the mounting screws is enough of a deterent for me not to worry about it at the moment.

Thanks to all the members who post here all the time, the knowledge is appreciated and the entertainment is a bonus.


Super clean build and that battery OMG :star_struck:
I have something similar in the works just have to save up for that battery :call_me_hand:


Nice board.

Why didn’t you center the esc in the compartment?

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Thanks @Tamatoa, I am leaving room for some lighting electronics, a voltage buck converter and a lighting control

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Oh I see.

I haven’t thought of putting the bms on top of the pack like this, I need to check if I can do that with my enclosure as well.

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Amazing! Beautiful! How is the ride fell?


Really clean build! Massive battery too, almost as big as the @XBoard battery haha

Nice job, I’m sure it will be super fun to ride


I love the ride, the board itself is HEAVY and with the wide truck it feels very stable. I feel like I’m riding on a miniature sports car!

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Very clean build! Making me miss my flux build.


Great build, you did a great job on it. The one thing I would change (just my opinion) @RideNebula just came out with two tone (black and raw) anti sink X’s that would set this off!

My other question, all the tread patterns are not facing the same way, will that mess up the ride feel? Never had pneumatic wheels so I was just wondering?


LOL @Paul77 , I didn’t even notice the tread pattern, I will be fixing that today. The board runs very smooth so I can’t say it alters the ride but I imagine it’s better especially if the road is wet to have all the treads going the same way. Thanks!

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