FLux At vs At2 diy deck enclosure systems

Has anyone tried these 2 deck enclosure combos and could tell me why i would choose one over the other?
-Flux AT2 DIY kit – FluxMotion
-Flux Deck + Enclosure – FluxMotion



The AT2 is a brand new design, fully injection molded enclosure. Not sure on what it can hold but I’ve heard good things

I’ve personally worked with the V1, it is also great, but more diy-esc. It’s got space for about a 12s9p maximum of 21700 cells and is also quite well built of a strong thermally formed plastic.

Flux v1 deck is great as well, however is very flat. I’ve heard that the V2 deck has some more concave to it and a slightly different feel


So, the AT2 fits 12S11P 18650, 12S10P 21700, or with slight modifications it will fit 18S7P 21700’s

I’ve had and built batteries for both. The AT2 enclosure is very impressive, and based off that, I would pick V2 for myself. I didn’t ride it tho, so I can’t really speak to the deck differences. Hopefully it’s improved, the V1 deck was fine, but nothing special.


I have the two decks and they are exactly the same deck, the only thing that is diferent is the enclosure.

I’d get the AT2 based on deck geometry. Both are great, but the AT1 deck is flat as fuck.

Really? I was under the impression that they changed up the deck with extra concave on the AT2?

Now I have seen that the nose/tail are different on the new model, a bit shorter…


Really? I don’t own it so I can’t say but I’m almost certain that @EboardSolutions changed it a bit

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Pretty sure the galaxy brain move with the old box is to put the ESC on the top and have +25% battery. That’s what I’m planning when my current pack dies.


Lol that’s not a bad idea! I could imagine a really interesting center mounted one or you could go with a rear truck mount like on mountainboards

Rear mounted for that spoiler look! You could even mount the BMS on the bottom heatsink.

Thank you! Could you please tell me which is which on the bottom picture (194428) ? And which one is less flat for the feet?(less concave) Thanks for your pics, it’s worth a thousand words!! :grinning:

Looks like both have the same concave, let me recheck…

From the pic, it seems that i will have more space for my feet with the new model since it’s flatter longer.
Thanks again :heart_eyes:

Anyone has a discount code for the AT2?


They have the same concave, with the griptape looks different in photos.
Hope it helps!

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Yeah, the concave is really minimal. I only noticed it when riding in rain and the water would pool up on the deck.

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AT2 has a bit more concave as a different press was used. The CAD files for both were the same :slight_smile:

2D shape should be the same

As there is quite some handwork there might be some difference between decks.


I ordered the AT2 diy, the owner seems like genuine nice guy and answers my questions extremely fast!

Can’t wait to get it! :smiley:

I’ll post build pics when i get the deck.

Now if i could just find 72t aluminum pulleys that don’t cost an arm and a leg… :smiling_face_with_tear:


What kind of mods for 18s7p?