Flipsky VX2 remote not working on 6.x. and how to fix it

Hey guys,
We have been testing the new VX2 remote from Flipsky and ran into a problem.

When following the steps to connect the remote to the esc you may run into the problem of the remote doing nothing as shown here:


This problem exists due to the wiring of the receiver being wrong for 6.x.

On the Connector you will see following wiring: Red, open, White, open, Green, Orange, open, open

The Green and Orange wires are swapped by the supplier:

To fix this simply lift the plastic latches of the cables and gently remove the cable:

Then switch out the Green and Orange cable and it should be fixed.

The right order of cables is Red,open,White, open, Orange, Green, open, open:

After switching them out the remote should work properly with telemetry and everything.

Note: this is for the Model 6.x. based ESC only, on the Model 4.x. the pins of the UART are reversed and in the right order

I know most of you are well experienced builders, but i hope this little problem solving helps those who might face the same issue.


I don’t have that remote but the principle should be the same. On the UART port, I guess that is the TX and RX cable. If that is the case you need to swap them based on the vesc younuse
VESC 4.x. based or 6.x based have the RX and TX pin reversed on the pcb. Don’t ask me why but that what Vedder chose when designed model 6.
So if you use a Flipsky 4 or 6 vesc the RX and TX has to be reversed or not based on the original postion.

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Exactly I will add this is for the model 6

Flipsky comes with a datasheet with the pins order. So easy to see it. You can also read it on the pcb.

Indeed on the pcb it is written but i can imagine not all people understand those, offcourse here we have a forum filled with very smart people :slight_smile:

Let’s say that we have been there before. When the first HM10 bluetooth module came out was a nightmare to understand where to go. For instance Flipsky lookd at this forum and then they started to design products. The remote from the firefly remote, the teletry screen (don’t know how they called) from the Davega ecc…

But you are right. This forum is filled up with amazing people and brain. Combine all together is unstoppable, we could make something really remarkable.


This is unfortunately common knowledge haha. Flipsky love to confuse new builders.

Ah well Brent I tought I would share it to help people who are not as experienced or know and be sharing knowledge to those who might need it.
common knowledge for you maybe isn’t for new DIY enthousiasts.


It’s super helpful. I would put the pictures onto the no words thread so that they get maximum exposure. That remote is about to change the DIY scene if it works as well as the VX1. I expect there’s going to be a lot of those little buggers around soon!


Its a real awesome remote, lays good in the hand and all the data is incredible.
I love it for sure

It’s got to compare against @DerelictRobot 's massive dong that’s on the way over some time this century (potter delays atm).

I’m almost afraid to use the OSSR because it will ruin remotes for me forever. It’s like having an affair with 2001 Heidi Klum and then going home to your saggy tits girlfriend.


Ahahahah saggy tits girlfriend killed me… It’s all about details.

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Just for the record though, this was aimed at other people. My wife has glorious baps


You know what comes next don’t you?
Pics or it didn’t happen.


good for you man! :wink:


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fair enough

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