Flipsky New Board

Hello Everyone. I just read threads and like comments but i realized that there wasnt a thread for flipsky and their new board. I have tread far enough down to get to how reputable Flipsky is and was curious as to how they punch versus other similarly priced boards

I mostly gleam stuff from other threads and keep an eye on prebuilt board stuff since Facebook groups can be terrible to read through
Thanks once again

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if their boards are like their garbage vescs and open source license violations then I would def buy a board for me and all my family




Big risk buying a battery that large from a company with zero battery building reputation and no photos of pack construction.


If I was spending $2200 on a prebuilt board I wouldn’t get it from Flipsky who will hang you out to dry if you need support of any kind.

I’d get something like this:

Boardnamics trucks and drivetrain instead of flipsky, Stormcore instead of FSESC, and some guys in America who will pick up the phone and support you if there’s an issue.


Oh hellno… hell fucking no, only things i havnt broken yet from Flupsky is a 13.78" rear truck and the 150mm AT wheels which are surprisingly good.

Everyrhing else has died in a viscious, horrible and catastrophic manner or had more annoying issues that have ultimately meant its been replaced… i have 3 x 120a fuses that im not even comfortable using, you just know its going to fail horribly at some point and probably take other shit with it.

Never flipsky, never again if it can at all be avoided

wait for the flipsky car

or the VESC airplane

**airplane based on VESC

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Also no late 90s walmart board logo

To reiterate, I am not for buying this board lmao. Flipsky is some trash but I didnt know HOW much trash it looks like

but that’s the best part

I smooth wish it wasnt sold out though :sob:

@PropulsionBoards when is it gonna be in stock?

I wonder how the Flipsky deck/enclosure is/



trampa alert

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I bought a lot of my stuff from them and their customer service was really good. Their motors are rebranded flipsky, but that’s on my for not doing more research.


Their motors are excellent, even the remotes.

their ESC are the reason I have really bad burns and damaged belt
both knees for the past 3 years.

** and before someone say it… it’s not my vesc skills.
my original trampa, stormcore and unity work fine.