Flipsky 75100 foc for esk8, good ?

Not bad lighting. Windings are definitely cooking while pushing this hard. It has me a little concerned. Eventually it’ll pop, it’s happened twice before I vented the motor and I wasn’t nearly pushing as much through them. No fun when this happens as the phases usually short tto one another. Trying to push is futile. I just try to hide it somewhere, do the walk of shame home then drive back and pick it up.

Since I’ve been doing this I’ve been worried about heat pushing the neodymium mags past their curie point causing permanent damage/ loss of strength. I’ve done it before with a RC inrunner many years ago but I haven’t noticed it happening with any other motor including these. I haven’t measured temperatures, which I really should but maybe ignorance is bliss.

I have a few stators lying around which I have been experimenting with. I picked up some red insulating varnish by mg chemicals. You kinda dab it on the windings and let it flow. Hoping it would help mitigate issues like this happening but I also wonder if it’s going to make things even hotter. Guess I will see.

Back to the 75/100. Had a hurricane roll through where I’m at in NC.
In between a rain band I took the scooter down to the store really quick just to get out of the house.
Never had problems with water but this time I did.
Somehow water got into either the controller or the wiring. I’m cruising along at probably 30mph and all the sudden the throttle kick in at 100%!

Usually the tapping the brakes will shut down the motor. Nope!!! Luckily I have two good brakes to overcome the motor. I was able to stop get off while the brake was holding motor running in a locked rotor condition and quickly fumbled around while I pulled out my loop key.

Everything was fine after it dried out but I’m going to pop open the case 75/100s case, clean the PCB with isopropyl then add some conformal coating of that red insulating varnish. Will also remove the factory heat compound and add some good stuff. Something like Arctic Silver.

i was hoping it wasn’t the lighting… if your coils ain’t dark and burnt like yours then you ain’t pushing it hard enough :zap::fire::laughing::ok_hand::+1:

18s6p now.

First ride I got up 47mph. At WOT from standstill it looks like Im pushing close to 3500W.

I included GPS and RPM derived speed in one of the graphs. It’s dead on.

Again, no hill’s where I’m at. I couldn’t even get to full speed as there were too many cars.

I’m now at the point where I feel uncomfortable. Every imperfection in the pavement is amplified. The roads in NC are much better than roads back home in MD but going this fast on 10” tires with no suspension is begging for the Darwin Award

all the volts! more, i need more! lol you were moving pretty good. Baltimore city has pot holes that break aluminum car wheels lol I’ve came across a few that blew my scooter tire out even running more than 50 psi all the volts! more, i need more! lol :laughing:

I’ve been nominated for my Darwin award still waiting on the results. i hit a hole last summer riding flat out and thankfully my forehead broke my fall and my oakley glasses made of supposedly unbreakable unobtainium metal. wear a helmet :zap::kick_scooter::boom::skull_and_crossbones::ambulance::laughing:

Ive been running 86v full charge with the 75100 for a huge amount of miles now commuting to work an hour each way plus more for over half a year now. It’s hit or miss though and one 75100 I tried before shorted and the battery produced enough amps to smoke n melt a QS8 loopkey. If I’d been using ion cells instead of lifepo4 I think could’ve resulted in a flamethrower. I now use a fuse on anything ion


it’s a freaking power wall with wheels attached. :zap::zap::zap::ok_hand::+1::clap::laughing:

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Aww man, I’ve been worried about that happening! Yeah, Bmore roads are all jacked up. Hope your doing alright! It doesn’t take much for a TBI to occur! EDIT: I see last summer… “Jury still out though”… lol!

I just recently got a full face helmet because I feel it’s gonna happen eventually. I’m thinking about some sort of gloves with some sort of skid plate as well.

I just added another parallel set going from 18s6p to 19s6p
Definitely diminishing returns as I’ve gotten past 16s. Just reached 49 mph earlier this evening. 20s with take me to 50mph. Any more speed needs to with a motor rewind which I’ve already been experimenting with.

That’s bad ass!
I remember you were selling some A123 26650s a while back.
I’ve always been interested in them since they were introduced. I had several of the 18650 versions but they weren’t nearly as impressive as the 26650 with current capacity.

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I’m looking at your motor setup on the top MT bike. What motor is that?
Looks like you custom welded the frame??


Had the frames made. I have one more bike left to sell. The motor is super Premo with .15mm lams n n45sh mags. Ant innovationS. I changed the hub part for fat bearings. I’d sell the bike for 1600

Just ordered more a123 26650s and there’s great deals on eBay still

The power output and flat discharge is better than anything else. The K2 cells on the bike now, which are military surplus and no longer available, are 3800mah but sag compared and making another green pack