Flipsky 75100 foc for esk8, good ?

I have one of these in a scooter running a TorqueBoards 6355 with 10s5p salvaged power tool 18650s. It wasn’t too much of a hassle getting updated firmware on it. Current is set at 75A (so ~3000W). I haven’t put much time/mileage on it yet, but it meets my needs. I don’t have an exotic setup though–just an ebike throttle and the motor.

Have V1 or V2 board 75100?

Do you use procedure for upgrade from forum ? (Please some details)

I currently have V2 but I had two V1 ESCs that I killed.

For now I would recommend not “updating” to 5.3 on the 75/100 foc V2 ESC. I couldn’t get it to work right even with filter set to false as others have suggested. If you want to try your luck Update is easy. Simply download VESC tool 3.1, go to firmware and update.

I downgraded back to stock 5.2 FW using VESC tool 3.00. Same process, go to FW section, choose default .bin and flash.

Thank you, I will stay on stock

does anyone know the value of this capacitor?

I fried it.

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chinese ESC manufacturers cheaping out on caps, shocking.

Remove the cap and meassure it with a DMM that can meassure capacitance.
You also need atleast the voltage rating the caps needs. otherwise its gonna get fried again.

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I got my flipsky 75100 powered onewheel up and running. Using two seperate 75100 box style over canbus. Powering two hoverboard motors joined as one. Drilled through the motors and used harborfreight rims on the outside. Took buying two split rim tire combos. Used half a rim from each tire. Could have used just one if I cut the bearing out. Hoverboard bearing holder centers in the harborfreight rim nicely for drilling holes. Used 8/32 all thread and nylock nuts to tie it all together. Running 67.2v battery. 16s2p. Have a lot of room for more battery. Used a 10x6x6 unilli tire. Bmi160 external imu. Its ugly but it works. Next one I build will be a single 3000w motor and using the newer flipsky aluminum pcb 75100. Have some nice aluminum rails for the next build as well. The picture of motor build was plastic motors from cheap hoverboard. Current build has the steel bell motors. I didnt take pics of this ones build unfortunately. I smoked a motor previously using ddrito printed rim design. Melted the rim. My fault for screwing with the tune and not paying attention. I forgot to mention it has a 13x6.5x6 innertube. Wheel surface is pretty flat. I used aluminum duct tape to cover the center where the rods are exposed. Then wrapped over that in electrical tape. Seems to hold up well.
Just wanted to share my experience with the shitsky 75100. They actually work and have been running relatively cool. I see around a max of 38°c. Running 90 phase amps and 30 battery amps.


I wonder if even being such a high kv if it saturated the motor with that high current.

I cranked my D gains way up trying to get some more grunt out of the motor. While cranking P up along with it. Wasnt checking for heat. Its odd how the d gain seems to allow more torque. Its all good now. Using the pt1 and biquad filters. Have the D cranked exponentially higher than when I cooked the motors. The filtering has removed all the heat. Its running nicely. Esc temp isnt going over 35-38c. Motor temps are staying around 30-35c. It amazes me what these little motors are capable of doing. I think my next project will be an rc lawnmower with fpv camera. I want to mow from the comfort of my couch.