Flipsky 7070 110KV 4200W motor review?


Damn bro… that is impressive

Reviving an old thread because I’ve never seen anybody try the 140kv or 170kv version of these motors. My pair of 170kv just arrived. They will replace pair of the old version (non-battle-hardened, both 44mm and 30mm mounting holes, short tail piece w/o the blue dot) of their 190kv 6374s. I’ve put somewhere between 3500 and 4k miles on this board w/ the 6374’s, running between 15/72 and 12/72 gearing with all sorts of tires between 7in Evolve and enormous 9-10in knobbies, am excited to share the difference. A good half of my miles on this board have been sensorless, so not worried about the sensors giving up the ghost early. I’m mainly concerned that the temp sensor functions so I can answer questions re how much current these will take at 12S in this config. I must say that I was impressed with their delivery speed this time. I ordered last Wed, prior to a long holiday weekend. They shipped out my motors on Monday, I have them on my desk in Michigan on Friday mid-day. This too intervention w/ DHL… Takes 1-2 days (thx to crossing the international date line) to get to the USA, another WEEK for the final delivery given their tiny presence here. If you note when it arrives at your local depot, you can ask that hey hold it even before the first delivery attempt. I did this today, yet they sent it out on a truck anyway 5min after my call, I drove there while they drove to my house! They were able to call the driver, get him to leave it w/o a signature, all’s well. If you’re in the USA, don’t want to wait longer for the last 5mi than the first 10k miles, try intervening.


Okay, I’ve got these dialed-in as best I can with the pulleys and tires I have ATM, and I love 'em. The increase in torque from 190kv 6374s at 12s is profound. I’d gone from 15t to 14t to 12t in search of torque with the 6374s, am now putting 9in tires back on, going back to 15t or 16t too. On 90degF days, I’ve seen motor temps in the mid 60s at 75A, low 70s at 85A, but my ESC needs better cooling to exceed 75A with these. I was able to push 85A to my 6374s w/o heat issues, think the problem is loss of physical contact between the heatsink and case. (I cover the case w/ a 3mm thick silicone membrane which used to be flush against the ESC’s back plate, now there’s an air gap… I need to prop the ESC up with a piece of foam, etc, slather heatsink paste on the membrane?)

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Yeahthatperson… I’ve gotta say, I think your shaft failure was caused by the snap ring getting caught in the gap in your motor plate. The clip rides just proud of the face of most of my Flipsky motors, I was unable to use a pair of their 6384s for this reason… The clip would get stuck in the small hole in my motor plate. I tried counter-sinking the hole, spacing the motor back with a large diameter washer, which made just enough room, but had to return them for other reasons. If the clip is prevented from rotating, it just wears into the shaft. My flipsky and Torqueboards motors with failed bearings have deep grooves in the shaft where each stuck bearing sat… the shaft is NOT as hard as the steel used to make the bearings, and apparently softer than the spring steel used to make snap rings. My Maytech / Lacroix shafts fared better after bearing failure, but everything else about that motor is inferior… idiotic sensor mounting + bearing choices made to accommodate a 10mm shaft inside a core designed for an 8mm shaft. The lemonade move for me is rebuilding my Torqueboards 6380s with the shafts from my failed Lacroix 6389s, which requires grinding 4 flats into the end of the shaft for the bell retaining screws to bite.

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reviving this thread should I go 63100 or 7070 on 17s I need big Conti power for mybigass

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There really isn’t any reason to buy anything from Flipsky anymore

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what motors should I get

If you want good stuff, check out @Skyart or @Tony_Stark is where I would begin

is there any evidence that they are much better than the flipsky?

They are much much better, especilly if you are planning a high voltage build. Just take a look around the forum, plenty of evidence


I am pushing 200A phase current 90A battery current into my 6495s 175KV @21S and they take it like a champ. No flipsky can even come close to this level. And the best thing is, I still have thermal headroom while racing short track on the setup.


Personally I don’t like to have to keep breaking down on rides and spending time pulling a board apart to replace motors. IMO its well worth the extra cost of buying a set of motors once knowing that they’ll last 3X longer or more.

Flipsky quality control is all over the place, they use small metal shielded bearings that are prone to fail, and the glue they use on their magnets is weak sauce so if you don’t get a dud motor from bad QC, a lot of the local riders around me have had their Flipsky motors fall apart in 6 months or less from one of the above issues or shorting out and releasing magic smoke which is probably down to cheap enamel and bad insulation practice. A shorted motor has the potential to take the ESC with it as well $$$.

I might sound pedantic and there are people who will tell you how many thousands of km’s they have on their Flipsky motors but there are also a lot of people with horror stories who simply buy new motors and don’t post about it apart from when they email us saying their flipsky motors failed and wished they’d bought ours to begin with.

When we were developing the Mach1 in the early days we used to go through a set of motors every 3 months and not only was it embarrassing trying to hammer our motors back together with rocks at group rides to make it to the end but it also sucked having to wait for new motors and take everything apart on the weekend missing out on perfect sunny days.

When you consider the fact that the Radium Reacher’s have over 200 hours of my time put into making them a true dedicated eskate motor and ongoing updates to make sure the factory is staying on top of QC, and that they were designed to solve the problems all existing motors had and still do have then they are well worth the investment especially if you love riding and don’t plan to give up any time soon, but also if you do decide to sell your board you likely won’t have a broken motor to replace first or deal with the stress of the buyer having a motor fail shortly after purchasing.

Yes I’m biased but in my position I’ve been through and also seen a lot.


Their 75100 Vesc with aluminum pcb is great and cheap.

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Oh right, there’s also the failing flipskys.

I have cooked the enamel on one of my flipskys for no reason within 2-3 months of having it. The motor didn’t even get very hot.

Then I built another build with flipsky motors, on which the motors are still going, but both hall sensors died, the first within like 2-3 month, the second within like 5-6 months. Recently these motors started to have a really annoying scream at mid RPMs so I suspect they are on their way out. And once they need to be replaced you can bet I won’t be going with flipskys.

And I am well aware of the limitations of flispky motors. If you try to run too much power through them, the magnets are going to move inside the can and game over.

In contrast. The 95 reacher happily does 200a at 175kv without getting too hot even.


That scream is bloody awful. I keep pulling over thinking there’s a Honda Integra behind me with a fouled O2 sensor and slogged out stainless exhaust, just to realise it’s my 6374’s I can hear.

No amount of chipping off the brittle battle black and forcing in new goo seems to help anymore. I just wish all my motors would die beyond repair, and in a way that doesn’t inhibit my ability to raise a pint glass post ride.


my point is you have not simulated lams and wire to be optimal is just a Chinese motor with your oversight it’s not an order of magnitude better.

I might be wrong

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The yearly migration of the trolls is a wondrous sight to see with my own eyes.


I’m not trolling, there’s still no evidence these high end motors are fabricated in a different manner than flipsky except quality control and branding…


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the big reason esk8 motors are not an order of magnitude better is because they don’t have to be.

they just move a human in a very efficient manner they don’t need to go fast

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