Flipsky 6384 seized motors

Has anyone had issues with flipsky motors?

Are torqueboard any better?

I’ve now had 3 nearly seize on me, they barely rotate now

Any suggestions for best paring for open stooge gear drive?

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What conditions are you riding in? Sounds to me like the bearings are getting absolutely destroyed.

I rode in salt water and my FSBH 6384 motors were completely locked up.

Cracked them loose by hand and been riding fine enough.


The bearings may be perfectly fine, or at least still functional, and it could just be a build up of rust inside the motor. Easiest way to find out is to open them up and you’ll know pretty quickly what caused it, but it could be a combination of both issues.

For reference, this is the amount of rust and gunk build up needed to seize a motor up:

For that motor one bearing was still clean and the other had some grease that needed to be replaced for optimal performance but otherwise was still working.


Thank you!

Riding only in the street.

Not many miles on them at all

I felt like it was from heat

I had two Flipsky 6384s that both had magnets come loose. The magnets slid down and hit the stator housing causing them to feel seized…

I run Reacher V4s on my Stooge open gear drives and they are awesome (i needed to disconnect my temp sensors though as they were playing up).

*Edit: you’ll need to space motors with a plate or washers to give the motor circlip clearance on the Stooge motor mounts if that’s what you’re using. Or grind out a bit of the motor mount to allow the circlip room.


@RyTO what ESCs and firmware are you using? Have you hand-tested your seized motors?

Thanks, just ordered 2 of them

Sweet setup!

I have a Northcamp with 3-links


Any pics of this setup?

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