Flipsky 4.20 dual plus on Amazon

I know…
I know…
I know…
It’s Flipsky. People hate them.
Can’t trust them…
Yada yada yada.

Not preaching for Flipsky.

But you know who I do trust… Amazon.

It burns in 30 days you send it back.
It burns after that you buy a new one and send the bad one back…

Got a burnt one… Here is your free replacement without hassle of dealing with the manufacturer…



Amazon isn’t gonna fix your face if that flipsky burns out mid ride tho


I assumed they were designed well enough to only burn up at convenient and safe times😁



jk its really depends on what you want. If you also upgrade motors then a proper vesc would be great

running super high amps for 30 days does sound fun

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Nothing’s gonna fix that ugly mug


Being well hung has worked so far


Dick move


@BuildKitBoards uses the flipsky in his Kits. I don’t think he has had any problems with them?

I’ve been riding two 4.2 Flipsky’s for several months now without issues on 10S.
The customer service sucks.

Then again, the old forum had a 1500 post thread about unity’s that were ejecting riders to their face on the pavement and non existent customer service- if you even had one. :man_shrugging:t2:

Availability for prime shipping is nice.

Also, I buy all of this stuff with an AMEX card. They, like many others, have purchase protection. I get $1k a year that Amex will refund if a product is defective and the company won’t return or service.


i have also had good fortune with flipsky products, i mean i did blow two 6.6 fsesc, but after @JohnnyMeduse fixed them, they have been bullet proof it seems


To me seems totally fair given all the reports of issues where people got the run around from Flipsky on service. Poetic Justice if you will.

Justify it however you want, someone is paying the cost of the item you are stealing. That’s not justice, it’s theft.


Nope. Not the way the world works. Dick move


Agree with the above. Unreliable product because you wanted cheap? You know what you’re buying. Buying a new one and returning is just fraud no matter what the product is.


@BluPenguin, @mmaner, @bwahl602
Well guys. I may need to do some soul searching and adjust my moral compass.

I am not suggesting people go out of their way to trick or steal from Flipsky.

Maybe I should have used different words.
I have, however, become used to a high level of service as an American consumer and in most instances when you have a faulty product due to a manufacturing or QA issue it is common in my mind to expect a free replacement within a year of purchase.

I have a ton of Flipsky stuff and have not had any issues personally. But if I had a esc burn up on my after 30 days of correct use and it was not my fault and I got the run around from them, like so many have reported, when trying to do a return I would follow my method above.

If after five days of having an esc I ran my board through a puddle and ruined it with water I would suck it up and by a new one.

Also I don’t think of Flipsky as cheap crap you should expect to break. I’m happy they have more affordable items available, but I expect them to work as advertised and as such have bought a bunch of their stuff.


Of course. And I’m not trying to make you out to be the worst person ever.
I’m not sure what you dealt with as a manufacturing defect, but there’s lots of user things, settings and outside sources that could have caused it. That’s not worth ya getting into.

Look, I’m a prime customer and get well taken care of too. But there’s a big difference between amazon replacing something sold by amazon and something a third party lists through amazon. Amazon takes the hit because they have to buy it from the third party. That’s why amazon sells electronics extended protection plans.
The way I handle these things is through Amex. Lots of credit cards have purchase protection for things like this. My Amex is $1000 a year

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The warranty period for consumable electronic products (eg. VESC/Motor/Battery) is guaranteed for 2 months since the 7th day after shippment(the shipping date is checked by logistic record).

You buy a Flipsky knowing that they guarentee it for 60 days only. I use flipsky things too but I’m well aware of this limitation and I take my chances.


I really hope I don’t jinx myself here. But I have had zero issues with my Flipsky stuff.
So no interaction on the service side.

When I order something it gets to me all the way in Missouri in five days.

I am a fan.

Also this link is not for something listed by a third party. It is fulfilled by Amazon but sold by Flipsky’s parent company.

I was looking to make people aware they have the option to buy Flipsky without the fear of poor service. Because of her privileges of prime.

This may even get them more business.

The part where user error is likely to cause the issues rather than manufacturing is pretty tricky though. I give you that. Hopefully Hglrc sells enough volume at a good margin to cover the incidentals. I expect that they do.


I dig it. I have bought stuff and it crapped out through no fault if my own. If it’s within the warranty period I go back to Amazon and get a replacement.

The other option you mentioned comes with a whole slew if ironies, for everyone else. If there are multiple VESCs refunded or replaced by Amazon in a month I bet Amazon will look into it. The options from there are for Amazon to stop selling them, increase the price to cover lost revenue, etc. Those are all problems for everyone, not just the one some guy swapped and returned.

There’s is nothing free, the cost is always there. You may not pay it immediately, it even at all…but someone will.


After evoking the reactions I got I wish I could go back in time and write my post a different way.

Something like this…

Have you considered buying Flipsky items but have been hesitant to do so because of reports of poor customer service?

Well. They are now on sale on Amazon directly from Flipsky’s parent company HGLRC.

So not only do you have the convenience of prime delivery, but the added peace of mind that you can work out any product issues through Amazon. And get a prompt refund or warranty replacement with minimal hassle.

Pretty good price too…