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Flipsky 4.20 dual plus on Amazon

It’s all good. We all do stupid crap, we ride lightning powered murder boards after all :grin:.


It’s this part

that most folks are having trouble with

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Yea 12S on 4.1 hardware isn’t worth the risk

@bwahl602 I think it just depends on how they rout the PCB traces and layout the components. Because the OG focbox’s were great on 12s and even 13s even though they are 4.1 hardware. Another example, Maker x had a v6 variant that would shut off under light load because of bad trace design, but adding a jumper across the board would fix the issue. Companies just need to do the proper design and testing before releasing half baked products. But, I agree though that 12s isn’t worth the risk on the Flipsky esc’s.

The focboxes uses direct fets to avoid this problem. The main problem with those 4.12 is that they overheat due to the IRFS7530 MOSFETs they use, they overheat to a point they die.

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Exactly. I don’t know much here. But there’s some design and component choices that differ. The focbox on 4.1 Infrastructure is far different from the flipsky 4.12.

As I understand it, voltage spikes exceeding 60V and the erpm limits exceeding 60k are the primary conditions for failure when at 12S or above. The focboxes maintain these recommendations but have been used in conditions exceeding them much more successfully

If you’re really concerned about not having a functioning fsesc, there is a subscribe and save option…