Flipping the Script on an old product philosophy.

Cryptic topic name, the background needs some explanation.

In all the years I’ve been making skate stuff, trying to build or introduce new things, one of the lessons I learned was don’t try to do everything. If you’re trying to re-invent the wheel, don’t also be trying to re-invent the engine or whatever. Focus on your contribution, don’t be any more than you need to be.

An example might be, A truck company comes in. They want to make and sell the best trucks. But they need decks, and they need wheels to sell them on as a complete. Its tempting for people to come in and say “Lets make our own decks, lets make out own wheels, lets get our own branded bearings!”

You end up with a Truck company, that’s also trying to be a board company, and a wheel company.
And the entire scope of what you’re trying to do has just exploded. And you always see people failing because of that, or at least that’s what I’ve seen from my interpretation.

One of the things I’ve always thought Boosted did right, one of the big reasons for their success was them handling this right. Boosted was an ESk8 company. Their contribution was the electronification of skateboards. They only provided that, and stuck within their own expertise. They found another company that already makes some of the best decks, some of the best trucks, some of the best wheels, and were already capable of providing all of that to a market at scale. Put all of it together, and you have a really good recipe for success.

One of the reasons I feel boosted failed is when they stepped away from this strategy. They eventually did try and become a company of everything. They decided to make their own wheels, make their own trucks, make their own decks. Some hotshot new CEO thinks they can come in and start making trucks right away that can stand favorably against brands who have been making trucks for decades? No, its not easy, its not simple. They went through growing pains, were stretched too thin trying to develop all of everything all at once, and weren’t able to survive what should have been survivable global economic waves in 2018. (TrumpsTariffs)

Since then, I’ve sort of been waiting. Hoping to see another company coming in and doing it right.
Always asking myself, who’s going to be the next Esk8 company who build their product onto established skate brands, instead of coming in and trying to electrify their own bespoke garbage?

But lately I’ve been realizing, well that’s an awfully one sided way to look at it. Boosted came at it innovating the electronification, and attached itself to established skate brands because that’s sort of how it needed to be at the time since the electronification side of things was so underdeveloped in 2012.

Now though, the electronification a vastly different landscape. Maybe this problem can be looked at now from the other side. An SK8 company attaching itself to an established and developed brand who builds and has developed excellent electronics for Esk8.

And now we finally get to my question.

If we had a brand, For funsies, lets say Seismic decides to create a line of prebuilt Esk8 completes.
Who would be the best company to look towards and partner with to electronifiy their setups?


Or maybe one of the brands making prebuilts themselves already, like Exway?


Flipsky seems to have discontinued all of their VESC offerings and removed all documentation and/or software downloads for those customers who did purchase their products, so it absolutely shouldn’t be Flipsky.

And that’s completely ignoring the QC issues.

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What i think is a cause is that the (diy) eskate market is so small that if you only sell trucks for example there is nothing to be sold/profit to be made. As a result parts are ordered in small quantities and injection moulding (a scalable production method) is usually not the best idea either.

Therefore, if i make good trucks i have to make good mounts/drives. But thats so little that good wheels have to be added, then good decks, etc.


What makes you think they’re discontinued? Flipsky’s website shows ~20 different FSESC (VESC) offerings.

If you click on any of them, they all lead to HTTP 404, every single one of them.

Ahh I assume they just have a broken website.

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You might be right, because they all work today.

I would not go with flipsky, last thing you want is introduce bad QC and end up with either a bad reputation or a lot if reclamations and sink your established truck brand
I think you can either do like exway and use the best of hobbywing tech
Or you can go the vesc way maybe with makerx

Not that long ago a representative from Landyachtz came to the forum to ask for help brainstorming ideas for an eskate specific deck, but then LY had financial issues and that person was let go unfortunately.

The only skate company that makes parts that live up to modern esk8 standards is MBS, and it seems like them being a major supplier for Apex to produce their electric mountainboard lineup is a pretty good match.

Personally, I tend to build my regular longboards out of parts from the esk8 scene – bigger wheels, stronger, more precise trucks, decks that survive abuse – it’s all just better on this side of the isle I think. Of course, there are exceptional parts in the DH skate industry, but they just don’t fit in well with any esk8 hardware…

Also, for the lolz:

@Tony_Stark has entered the chat :grin:


So you’re saying for the Mach One I shouldn’t have designed over 90% of the 100+ components from scratch (from the Ti screws to the bullet pins in the battery), I mean the trucks mount to the enclosure, the deck is hollow carbon, the thing has suspension and torque vectoring, the wheels are rubber and belts are urethane🔄, trucks are unique heck I even had to design custom kingpins for those. Motors I designed together with Reacher (hundreds of hours spent there alone), battery is first of its kind modular PCB system, still tempted to get custom made bearings…

The only things I refuse to touch at this point are the motor controller and the charger😂

Basically flipping the script compared to how nearly every other company starts. According to this I’m doomed and you could be right. It will be interesting to find out😁


Didn’t you do something with remote too or no?

Yeah we made our own remote but still in development.


I think this statement is taking a small corner of what Esk8 represents, and letting it speak for the entirety.

I would contest a lot of those points.

Stronger trucks, yes. Bigger wheels, yes.

More precise trucks? No not really. I mean. Precision isn’t even that special or unique.
Neither is strong robust decks.

In the cases where the wheels aren’t being deliberately made as big as can be, usually that’s for very specific reasons, to make wheels that do certain things and fit certain roles really well.

Most decks aren’t made super bulletproof, its not because people can’t make robust decks, its because they’re interested in making decks good at things other than being bulletproof.

You’re making broad statements from a less broad point of view.

And TBH, you’re really limiting your experience from that approach.

The last thing Esk8 needs is self imposed isolation.

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Not if you’re trying to design a product, and have that product finance a company.

Is that what this is? Is this project funding you, or are you funding it?

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Don’t hurt my feelings…