Flexible coupling wheels


suggestions? criticism?


Like as in press fit pulleys?

Yes please

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It’s a good idea but it’s been done before, right? Unless I’m misunderstanding, Boardnamics M1 gear drive has push fit for bergs and other, that’s similar to this. Would be stoked to see it done for Rockstar IIs or other wheels so you can swap wheels more easily, and not have adapter plates bolted on.

I assume it’s a lot of money in machining for a problem that is more easily addressed with a bolt on adapter plate.

Yes it would be push fit, not stiff like the rods in Boardnamics gear drive tough.
The violet part in my design would be some kind of flexible material ( :face_with_peeking_eye: fdm tpu).

Im no engineer, what would the benefit of that be?

Reduces shock load on the gears.

@Ean.esk8 implemented this on some of his gear drives. Seems like an excellent idea.


Aahh ok that makes sense. Carry on.

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+1 excellent idea OP

Much more robust than the screw in hole method. This method is using a Spider adapter, and it’s used inindustry


Just need to finish rest of the drives now


This is really good idea. Shock absorption could be very beneficial for gear drives.

Are you planning on having these manufactured and sold?

The savior of plastic gear drives. Super cool!


@Boardnamics lookie

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Just like a jetski coupler… cool i like it.

I don’t get it. Surely the flex of one millimeter of plastic would be an order of magnitude less than the flex that a big floppy rubber tire already adds to the system?

I have been playing with this idea too.
Specifically for the lacroix falcons and hyperrims. Because you have to unscrew 5 bolt through the rims just to get to the valve. It’s so annoying. With this I wanted to be able to just unscrew the nut on the axle. But the pom gear would go deeper inside the case, if it wasn’t fastened to the wheel. There is no stop on the axle for the inside of the gear. I would have to fix that in some way.

Here’s a SS of the parts.

I’m not sure I’m going to keep pursuing this idea.
But mechanically I think it should work great.

I’m also toying with the idea of cnc’ing some new rims with the valve pointing outward.
I really like the look of theese


Nope, just a hobby project for now. My mill is not ready for production runs yet, and not going to have someone else produce them for me.

Indeed, but I can simply make one with more plastic then.

I can access valve on my trampa hubs, but my main reason for making this was the same, one nut per wheel!

Not quite, especially since the hub of the wheel is what’s transferring the shock loading, the tire would take a lot of the vertical shock loading, but rotational would be translated right into the interface.


@Ean.esk8 4gs has this actually. The product page is up on newbee.store now