Flatland3D - Glove history and dem new Carbon Esk8 Gloves!

I’ve been representing Flatland3D for years now, since they came out with their first esk8 glove, made in partnership with Knox! The new Carbons are going to be great for winter riding!

In this vid, we go over the history of the gloves, and reveal the Carbon Esk8 Gloves by Flatland3D and offer first impressions!

Lmk if you have any questions


Any idea if they’re gonna do different colors?

Love my Flatlands, they’re getting pretty beat up and I could use a new pair. Considering the newer ones but it’s so much BLUE


literally the first thing I thought too. I would even just dye them all black if they dont


yeah f3d really been leaning into the blue with their last couple of releases… seems weird, I’m sure black/grey/neutral colors would sell more


I would love these full-finger gloves for winter, just not a fan of the blue. Summer is around the corner and I ended up pulling the trigger on these.


Idk if they plan on doing any other color options, but I’ll ask and give them the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Huh, I actually might do this

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For whatever reason I keep having trouble playing this video

The wrist protection isn’t good enough.

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It’s better than the majority of options that we have, unless you want bulky moto gloves.

Have you had issues with the wrist guards? They’re actually my favorite feature of the f3d gloves


Yeah, you’d be surprised.
I’ve been down heaps with many different similar gloves, some knox some not, palm sliders work quite well at diverting the impact. Couple of them near 40mph with a few more above 30.
Im sure the spine helps some but SPS carries most the weight.


Yeah I fractured my wrist wearing them. Put pressure on them and they really don’t offer much resistance to overflexion if that’s what it’s called at all.

These are 200 percent better


Those look cool. I dig the palm sliders.

Do they have any wrist protection? Are the straps supposed to fill that void?

There’s two plates front and back. Definitely a lot more supportive. I trimmed the remote hand palm slider just a touch for my puck but it wouldn’t affect it at all.

The cuffs are just too short on every other glove I looked at.

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Flatland and Onsra seem to have both done a great job at addressing something that’s key to esk8.

Wrist protection for the controller’s hand.

The below are clearly built for electric skateboarders and you can see they have been designed to accommodate various controllers.


These are for the Float Wheel and EUC community. Good luck holding a Puck.


I use them with a puck :+1:

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I need to see a picture of you holding your controller…


:rofl: I’ll pay that

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