First time Build - Started today with my core

Looks sweet! Lotta weight for sure, impact resistance may be iffy. If you make sure to use peel ply on the top surface I think you’ll have an easier time making sure the glass is smooth and clear enough to see the marbled epoxy underneath :+1:

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Could you add some ribs on the underside that run the length of the board?

Here is an ABS cell holder I made for my battery pack. Will be a 12S8P, 16AH, capable of 240 amps of current though it will never see it with the esk8. But the idea was future proofing when building and I’d like my battery to be able to handle something more if I want it to so it’s extremely overbuilt.

Also the mock up to test fit my pack layout. Gonna need to squeeze a little more room out of my enclosure I think by the time I add the protective covers etc haha.

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For strength? I’m thinking my enclosure design will achieve added strength, or is there something else you were thinking that would be good for?

Also for others reading this, sorry I dipped in the middle of the post conversation yesterday. I apparently reached my reply limit for my first day so couldn’t respond to y’all’s suggestion / guidance anymore.

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For strength
To add stiffness but on second thoughts you should be able to achieve that with the enclosure

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Okay so today the core was taken out of the form. The pour turned out really nice only one little bubble. Sanding began and I’m going to shape it up by softening the edges and putting a little concave (as was recommended to me by y’all). I also completed the enclosure design and began making it out of Polycarbonate - Carbon Fiber. My battery spot welder was woefully insufficient for my .2mm pure nickel sheets so I ordered a new 12kw one and am waiting on it to show up to work on the battery more.

I have 2 BMS options. Maxkgo 200a I have in hand and I have a Daly smart / BT on order but it’s taking forever to ship.


Okay, today I’ve been continuing to sand and shape the deck. I have the spot welding done for one side of my battery (except my BMS tabs) and then I’ll be ready to add tape, insulation, etc.

The battery has a theoretical discharge capacity of 240 amps so it took a bit of figuring out how best to do it. (I know it will never see that discharge on my esk8 but I wanted to future proof an expensive battery in case I want to use it somewhere else later). So it’s .15mm nickel x 7mm lattice on the cells themselves to build up to level with my cell holders. Then .2mm nickel x 40mm on top of each P pack and .2mm pure copper sandwiched for the series connections. Surprisingly the new spot welder I bought was able to spot weld .2 pure nickel too .2 pure copper which was a pleasant surprise cause I really didn’t want to solder wire for my series connections.


I got the first layer of CF down. I should have gotten it more wet on the edges so I’ll have to clean that up but otherwise I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s still pretty flexible too which is nice because I know some people had mentioned it would be way to unforgiving so that’s a happy surprise.


Alright I’m almost done with the home made deck / enclosure. Today I mated the enclosure up to the deck and made a charging port on the enclosure. Gotta add some threaded inserts to the enclosure and then make a proper lid. Then it’s cleanup and make it presentable and I’ll be ready to start installing my electronics! I suspended the board between my sawhorse and sat my fat ass up there and it didn’t snap so that’s a good start haha. Little bit of flex to it so that might become an issue I will have to contend with. I left about 10mm of space between the deck and battery so hopefully not!


That’s one beefy enclosure! How tall is it? Are you concerned about ground clearance?

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Could always just use some risers.

That’s not a riser that’s a whole ass booster seat

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Thats a whole ass tiny home :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:

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The enclosure is 60mm tall. The tires are 200mm, so 100 from center. Figured between the axel rise and the tire is should met me about 100mm clearance give or take.

When I made the board I figured there would be a possibility that my design for the battery would not work so my backup plan is to remove the enclosure and just go with a square pack design on top. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that! Haha

Looks taller in the pics!

Sounds like it’ll work out. What wheels and tricks are you using?

Flip sky 16.5” trucks and 8” pneumatics

Well she ain’t gonna win any beauty contests but she’s getting closer to the maiden voyage! Supports my weight just fine with a little bit of flex. There is a little under 10mm of clearance between the battery and the bottom of the deck so I’m thinking that should be enough to preclude any issue but I guess I’ll find out the hard way haha.

The measurements came out perfect as far as where I wanted the bottom of the enclosure, not bad for paper napkin math lol. I’m just waiting on my thermistors to show up so I can put those on the battery and then I will work on wiring it up! I still need to design my electronics box and light mounts etc. and figure out the best way to route my wires.

So far I am happy with how it’s turning out considering it’s my first time and I just sorta jumped into the pool and hoped I wouldn’t drown haha.


Oooof, forgive me if i’m wrong, but they look an awful lot like channel trucks mounted at zero degrees… you not gonna be able to turn…

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I have zero experience here so please by all means catch me if I’m f’in up at a high rate of speed haha. I don’t know the difference between trucks so I don’t know what a channel truck is. There is a rubber piece between the trucks and the board that’s angled prolly 30 degrees with the high side inside low side towards the outer edges. When I lean on the board the wheels move left and right but I don’t have the experience to know if it’s working correctly haha.

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If you have angled blocks in there you’re good!! Carry on!