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First ever sorta-DIY - BKB Duo on a Sportster

My new baby! Ok barely even DIY but it’s my first ever attempt ok be nice ; )

I just wanted a commuter board that’s easy to carry on trains and buses. Mid-length, under-deck motors, pneumatics for comfort and safety. Why doesn’t any brand make this config? Weight is 20lb

At 6’3 I can mall grab with no elbow bend

Especially like the matching red highlites

I used angled risers to gain some clearance. Seems like just enough but I’ll keep an eye out for wear.

So I checked for wheel bite before assembling and thought yay no problem plenty of room! Uh, I forgot that axles swivel in turns. Sigh, Ima dumbass (facepalm.jpg). Lesson learned.

Not giving up on pneumatics, def not adding risers, so I’ll have to find someone to tweak the deck. Dangit. First going to play with it and see how much it turns before biting. Just waiting for some breathable air

Welcome to the family lil buddy!


Looks good, You can fix your platform, I just fixed my mtb with a cheap dreamel (when) it didn’t take me more than 15 minutes


You can add another hole pattern and move the trucks by 3/8", I did it so I can run bergs on BN220


I respect the build! Shame it doesn’t turn :laughing:

I think the only way to make it work without risers / cutting off the corners of the already small standing platform is to either switch to super wide hangers like BN270, or extend the wheelbase. Surf Rodz (both RKP and TKP) trucks have hangers further than caliber trucks, but then you’d have to switch motor mounts, making it too expensive of a solution.

TB wheels are slightly larger than Bergmeisters, so I’m not sure if adding new holes and moving the trucks like Zach suggested will work, but it might be enough! I don’t think you need wide hangers like BN220 to make it work, because the wheel is hitting the deck up front, not on the edge.

P.S. I see you have a Switchblade sitting unused. That deck gets even more wheel-bite, so plan that build carefuly :smile:


Thanks for the suggestions!!

The truck mount plate is already at the edge of the board -1/8 so not enough to drill another set of holes

Like the dremel suggestion. Wanted one for a long time, now I have a good excuse! I could gradually carve away material and not have to dismount everything to put deck on a table router.

Wider trucks might be the ideal solution. Probably beyond my skills unless compatible with the existing motor mounts. I should holler at Jared

Good eye! I broke the Ownboard deck and planned to replace with the Switchblade. Ended up nixing that idea and just ordered a new one from ob. Not sure what to do with the 'blade now but something will come up :smile:

You add another hole set in the back and use the short mounting pattern on the truck, the nose will extend past the deck a little


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Oooh! Interesting :thinking:

I use this tool for cut

and this other for sand the cut


The cutting wheel - does it have teeth or just abrasive?

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It’s abrasive, usually they are for thin stuff but it works wonders, or a jigsaw would work

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Also stuck inside due to hazardous air conditions. Im in Portland OR, and we haven’t seen the sun in over a week. What area are you in?

BTW if you can fix your wheelbite issue, this looks like a rock solid combo!

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I think it was already said but with the 220s it would work.

Looks like they are on backorder but they are awesome parts…


And you can use these hangers with the bkb mounts


It’s abrasive, I have a jig saw but I could not use it because I have the lights glued with silicone to the deck

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Yea man I’m in Portland too. Do you do the Friday night ride?

Thanks for your comment on the board. I’ll find a solution but seems like it will turn decently as is. Kinda risky tho :crazy_face:

Ah ok thanks! I wasn’t clear whether new motor mounts would be required I’ll check it out

Nice! A fellow Portlander! Nice to see more folks getting onto DIY. I have yet to attend the OMSI rides haha. Ive been meaning to for more than a year now, but somehow it never happens.

It’s a blast! I started last year when I was brand new to esk8 and only did the river section. Skipped out during winter and covid but started back recently. I’m now doing the downtown part and it’s mindblowing! Made a video about it. C’mon down man (when conditions allow!). We roll at 7:30 from the submarine.


easy fix, especially if it’s the powered end

Stick some griptape on those wheels and get the deck out of the way