First diy street carver/racer (in need of help)

Hey everyone guess i might as well start showing my build to see what others think and see if i might have forgotten one thing or overlooked another.
It is still in the works but I can see the finish line around the corner.


Trampa Holy pro deck
Trampa mini infinity trucks
Trampa Superstar hubs
Trampa 125mm gummies
Amazon basics pelican clone case
Clevis pins
2x adressable led strips
Flipsky dual 6.6
2x Flipsky 6354/190kv motors
Unik motor mounts
Unik 44t wheel pulleys
15t/20t drive pulleys
12S5P battery consisting of p26a (25a constant/ 2600mah)
Photon remote
A few parts made by hand in metal or wood for aesthetics

I’ve been working on this for the last 3 months. I’m hoping it ends in a good result. If you notice anything that looks off or just plain weird, let me know :slight_smile:


Damn, Looks amazing.

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That’s a nice group of parts. One thing stands out as a possible issue for me: The Photon Remote.



He’s supposed to send me a proton receiver. If/when I get it, I might change the remote if it gives me problems but i love being able to control lights without fooling around with an arduino. the cutout problems, i dont think will worry me too much. i went outside crossed my street and had my wife next to the board inside the house with closed doors and it ran fine :slight_smile:

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Cool. I checked out my buddy’s the other day and it is indeed a nice bit of kit.

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That is a good looking build. I would suggest some sort of shield on the phase wires running on the bottom of the deck. A piece of ABS would the job.

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not sure if i can. i wanted to give myself a maximum of possible flex on the board. its wrapped in two layers of wire sleeves+ electrical tape for good measure. i also left the clevis pins longer so i can use them as testers for flexing the board and knowing my limits.

Edit: might also make it pneumatic one day so even more clearance then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update: finally got the battery in there.

Missing parts:
List of finishing touches

  1. Solder lighting wires
  2. Receive and install loopkey holder
  3. Program the sec and hope that this time both sensors will be detected
  4. Test everything
  5. Ride the fuck out of it
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This is an awesome build, have you tested it out yet?

Not quite yet. Waiting on multiple sellers to send me my belts.

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I know how that feels, Amazon spoils me to much.

I like the DIY loopkey, great build! The mini trucks can go up to 6374s, any reason for sticking to 6355s? Weight?

i like the look of smaller motors and this setup is eventually going on a commuter once i get money to go mbs :slight_smile:

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I’m in need of a ‘‘throttle expert’’. where and what settings do i change to get gradual power as i lean the joystick of my photon remote more and more forward or backwards. i tried different things but it not working. theres a big gap between the middle of the joystick and where it starts to register that i want power. and when it does give power it gives it more and more no matter if i move the joystick further or not. any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

edit: important detail… im using ack

Also wondering. What do people use as voltmeter? I’m scared of going cheap and destroying the voltmeter and starting a fire in my case.

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I personally don’t use one, can either check my BMS app or my metr Pro. As for working out the throttle it seems your deadzone is to large (default is 15% dead one) I run 5%.which would explain no feeling power until your past 15% throttle.

You can play with the throttle curves as well but I’d recommend setting a proper deadzone first.

Tried that…0% and still feel no power while at the start. As for throttle curves my problem is my thumb stays at a certain point but no matter what that point is, motors spin to their max as if I was full throttle every time

That’s the way motors work unloaded. There are ways to get certain thumb position=certain speed but you seriously don’t want that. It’s terrible.

When you put a load on the motors it’ll “balance itself out”.

But if kk you take a car jack it up and apply a little bit of throttle it’ll keep accelerating.

Okay i cant find out yet for a loaded test as I’m still beltless. I was under assumption it was fairly easy and possible to configure it that way. I’ve only owned prebuilts (maverix, ego, buffalo, koowheel) and they all work loaded or not on this pricipal of (example) 15%throttle = 15%power

Hmmm wild Ive never owned a prebuilt so I honestly don’t know.

What you describe is completly normal for current control on a VESC. It might seem unintuitive, but I’m sure it’ll feel perfectly fine once your on the board riding.

I know Deckoz has a good post on the other forum explaining it a lil better if ya wanna hunt it down.

But yeah under no load you will hit max speed very quickly.