Ok, transferring this build over to this forum from the darkside! Landyachtz Osteon 38" (compliments @Skunk), TB218 + v5 mount, TB 6355/190kv dual motors, TB 12s4p + enclosure, TB 4.12 dual VESC, currently mounting 85mm caguamas with 16T motor pulleys and 36T wheel pulleys (not sure what proper ratio that is) but I’m waiting on @moon pulleys for 78mm Mach 1’s, which I will swap out when they are ready. Will be running 12mm belts for those but 15mm for the current setup with the cags. What other little things do I need to work out?? I’m a first timer so any suggestions would be lovely! TB battery is all set-up with anti-spark but considering doing a loop key. Still researching about whether I can do that for a battery that’s already set-up with anti-spark (can I do that???). Will the 12s4p work with these motors? That’s another thing I’m still researching; is that too much current for those little motors? I hope not because I already bought all the shit :joy::joy:. What else am I forgetting? I have a lot of random parts collecting already from some awesome folks on these forums, so there’s some stuff I don’t even know what it is. Like the photo of that rubber tubing with some sort of adhesive strip running along the side! Also, there are a couple concerns I’m noticing so far that I could use some input on. First, there is a bit of excess wire from the motors to the vescs in the enclosure, I’m wondering if I should just tweak the way the motors are mounted or what? Also, the mounts are like 1mm shy of touching the deck and that V5 mount eliminates the possibility of adjusting the angle (unless I’m missing something); is that potentially a problem? The battery is also very snug in that enclosure and there isn’t any padding in there yet or anything, and also the quality of the enclosure is suboptimal. Wondering if I should go a different enclosure route. Ummmm IDK, I think that’s it so far. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

What’s this rubber tubing used for?


Gasket for between enclosure and deck.

Those motors will work on 12s fine. People tend to try and stay 190kv or under for 12s builds.

Looks like you’re thinking fwd, fun.

Maybe try a wedged/angled riser?

Depending on the gasket you use, you can gain a bit of extra space in the enclosure.
I personally attached my batterys with thick industrial velcro to the deck. Then pad the enclosure.


looking at the deck you have chosen for this build you are going to struggle with the reverse mounting of the motors. As things stand you cannot ride that board because you can’t tilt it to turn. Possible solution is to use thick risers between trucks and deck, this will raise the ride height obviously and give you some room for manouvere but you might not like the ‘look’ of the board afterwards. Personally I’d change the deck to one with cut outs front and rear, but if that’s not an option and you have to use this deck, mount the motors the other way round so they stick out the back.

Hmm…Well I do want to reverse mount it because I want some kicktail useability. You’re saying just because of how close those motors are mounted that I can’t tilt right? I like the style of this deck alot and would really like to use it. What if I just got some not-too-obnoxious risers and different mounts which I can adjust the angle with? I’m considering different trucks as well, ecailers if longhairedboy makes more.

that’s right. You’d be fine going in a straight line though :wink:

Your only option as things stand then is to fit big risers and test for motor bite afterwards, increasing the riser height until it’s gone. Failing that you need different truck/mount combo that allows for adjusting the angle I’m afraid.

I honestly don’t know why you need a kicktail on an esk8, but each to their own I guess. Do you plan on doing ollies, manuals or wheelies ? Apart from that you don’t really need a kicktail on an esk8 :slight_smile:

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Ssshhhhhh @b264 wil hear you.


It’s just my preferred way of riding. I use the kicktail to maneuver the board instead of relying solely on turning.


Maneuverability and going off curbs…


Honestly everyone pretty much runs some risers. I don’t think you need super thick.
Angle forward should help alot i would think.

Having mounts that had adjustable plates would help even more.

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I’ve been eyeing those hammocks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:, don’t know when those will be available tho

I love kicktail on esk8. Ever tried turning the corner around the edge of a building, or down a long hallway with 90 degree turns? Or when a car pulls up so far they cover the pedestrian crossing and you have to go around them to hit the ramps, or when… there are a million times when kicking the nose around is fucking fantastic.


as soon as I typed that I knew I’d get the heat lol

What I should have said was… “I personally don’t see the need for a kicktail on MY esk8” which would have been far more civilised haha.

I don’t skate in urban areas and don’t commute on it. It’s a pleasure cruiser machine for me, on coastal cycle paths with no curbs or drop offs to worry about. Basically snowboarding on the tarmac.


I didn’t know moon was working on mach pulley as well, Okp made some quite recently


@BigBen I’m looking for an enclosure to replace this TB one; do you have anything 12s4p that would work well for this guy?

How much space do you have for mounting?
And what depth width and length do you need to cover?

@BigBen the TB enclosure is actually a pretty good fit for this deck it’s just cheap plastic and slightly shallow. The dimensions for that enclosure are 20 1/2" X 8" X 2.1" and that’s really about all the room i have to spare on my deck. So i’m thinking something with the same dimensions with a tiny bit more depth would be dope. The concave on the TB enclosure is also really good. Here’s the website for their enclosure which also has an in-depth blue-print of dimensions:

. A teeny tiny bit more concave on the ends would be nice so that the lip/corners are a little more flush with the board. TB website says they use ABS for their enclosure, which is supposed to be sturdy no? This thing just seems flimsy and like the screws could easily break the enclosure with a little excessive pressure. What sort of material do you use for your enclosures? Thanks I hope this helps.

SO, I decided to not mount fwd and mount in the back.

There’s a little more space between the mounts and deck now (only about 4mm) but still not enough to get away without atleast some risers

I could use some input on whether I should use this TB enclosure or not…They fit really well but the quality just seems like something I might regret later but also IDK anything about nothin because this is my first time, so.


I use fibreglass. But I’ve made some abs enclosures and they can be pretty tough.
I have an enclosure that would fit the deck shape but I think it wouls be too long. Internal measurements are 545mm x 145mm x 40mm.

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Honestly risers are normal. I don’t have a single deck esk8 or not without some riser even a little one.