30 mph cut outs HALP

Hey guys, I was cruising today and spun out due to a little cut out TGAT threw me off the board at full speed. Had the throttle fully depressed when it happened. I managed to locate the moment it happened on my metr data below:

My board is dual maytech 6374 190KV, TB Vesc 4.12 & TB 12s4p battery. Here the build thread if anyone wants the info FIRST BUUILDD | Thing 1 |

No faults in the metr log. Anyone got any idea what the cut out is from? Happened again later when the throttle was fully depressed but it didn’t buck me off the board.


what vesc firmware version are you running

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Oo I’m not positive on that, is there a way for me to check that in Ack? Don’t have my board by me atm.

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Phase wires shorting?


hmm, possible but I doubt it. I’ll have to check that tomorrow when I’m home. Wouldn’t I get an ABS error if that were the case?

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you should see it in your metr app when connected, but if you’re running ack you’ve eliminated my concern that you’re running that buggy early v.4 firmware

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You say you had the throttle fully engaged but the metr says only 67% duty cycle

Did you forget to map/adjust you ppm remote?


Ohh shit, it’s possible that’s the issue. I swapped remotes to test a different remote and then swapped back, but did not run input set-up wizard again after pairing back to the other remote. That could be the issue.


Have you checked your drivetrain? I’ve been tossed because a rock wedged in the motor pulley, the board drifted into a curb from it but that was a 5065 mono drive

this the og metr right, bummer we can’t log ppm/pwm and separate motor info

did both esc/motors cut out simultaneously or do you think one cut out and the other kept on trucking?

do you run your bms discharge or charge-only?

apologies in advance if none of these relate to your underlying issue and I’m just cluttering up your thread


Charge and discharge BMS? Or charge only?


Have you considered not going 30mph?


umm, I’m not sure on the BMS, it’s a BKB 12s2p battery I bought almost a year ago. The info for it was on the old forum and I can’t access it anymore.

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Yeah, who rides that slow anyway…


Did you have to power it back on after it happened?


LOOL imagine

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nope it didnt turn off. ran just fine after

Just before the event:
94% duty cycle
then motor and battery current drop.
then next data point duty cycle drops to 67%

then every thing but speed seems to flatline in the graph suggesting no update to the data.
then duty cycle drops to 0% and temps begin updating again.

maybe the vesc rebooted. or could just be metr disconnect causing the flatline.
though speed data point was updated in that interval. do you have metr app configured to prefer gps?

if it did reboot, then you would have lost any fault code. :frowning:


Bms could have hit its limit