First build - Pretty please part with your knowledge?


So I’ve been sleuthing around (maybe stalking a few a you…) becoming more and more obsessed over the last 2 years and finally taking the plunge.

I’m based in the UK and we definitely need a revolution over here - so hard to source everything. This board will mainly be a commuter board, needs to do 20miles and be loving hills (based in Bristol, we have many of those). Right anyway here’s the list I’ve come up with, what do you guys think?

Board: Loaded Vanguard Flex 4 (I weigh 52kg and I’ve had this board for a few months, love it)
Wheels: Orangatang Caguama 85mm (80a)
Trucks: heXL TKP
Battery: 10s4p Samsung 30Q (18650/3000mAh/20A)
Motor Mount: TKP mount set from Psychotiller
Wheel Pullery: 32T 15mm
Motor Pulley: 15T 12mm
VESC: Either Enertion FOCBOX or FlipSky Dual FSESC 4.2 Plus
Motor: Either 6355 190KV or 6374 190KV
Remote: Thinking either printing my own or going for the FlipSky 2.4G Nano
Enclosure: Thinking of making my own by either we laying carbon fibre or using pre-preg (would love a to vacuum bag but I think I’m already giving my boyfriend a heart attack…)

Other items:
BMS: ??
Charger: ??
Battery capacity monitor
Spot welder + nickel strips and everything that goes into building a battery pack (fire extinguisher?)

Thank you all!


As a heads up 85mm wheels on a 220mm hangar means you’re gonna hit a shit ton of stuff, most people run 97mm or larger

Also welcome to the forum!!


Yeah those trucks seem out of place for a vanguard build imo

This is a rare thing to read here :joy::joy:


Yeah I was worried about that. I was looking at the surf rodz but they seem incredibly hard to get in the UK?

First thing that jumps out is, if you need 20 miles, your pack should be maybe 50% bigger initially, as capacity degrade with use, and you always get less range than on paper. :slight_smile:

Most builds get about 20wh/mile. 40 30q cells are 432wh which will give 21miles on a good day. So more cells would be safer if you need 20 miles.

And a flex 4 vanguard is a bit soft to mount a huge battery pack onto.

You’re nice and light so you may do a lot better than 20wh/mile.

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If you’re set on TKP then it’s a good option but they are both still hard to get. Id just say bigger wheels, with a flexy deck you can get any material and not worry about the road too much

20?? That is so high! mine runs 12wh/mile lmao

Thane wheels, dual motor

It’s kind of catch 22 I’m finding :joy: might just have to have two boards - one for my standard commute and one for when I really want those 20 odd miles. Not looking like I’m going to get a perfect middle match?

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Depends on the build, mine did 18wh/mile

I’m getting half that on dual hubs

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Lol are you 50 kilos?

Missed this part, but what does he have to do with it? You’re building it, right? :slight_smile:

BTW, UK mixed imperial (milles) metric (kg) ouch!

Pretty set. I’ve been on Carver C7 trucks for years and I love their movement


You can probably get a pretty good middle ground, just depends on conditions tbh.

I would say the 40 30q cells is okay but maybe 10s5p if you have budget/enclosure room.

Depends on how much weight you mind carrying around

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Also what wheels would you recommend? Please remember I’m based in the UK and it’s hell to source things :cold_sweat:

I’ve wanted to try those too, but you may want to look into the Evolve drivetrain. It is still DKP but it’s designed for eskate

Maybe hit up @Janux-esk8 and see what he has on hand. If I remember he’s got complete drive trains with Evolve trucks

In FUB units 155lbs - so 70kg

Idk man that is what my avg in the ack app says haha, set to 2 motor

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YESSSSSS!!! One of my LDP’s front truck:

Love it love it love it. But, maybe not for eskate.

For things like trucks and wheels, if you put up a WTB UK post, I think some of our resident parts hoarders may come to your rescue.

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Have you checked around on the UK vendors websites?

I think you can get pretty good wheels there

Streetwing has ABEC wheels

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He’s helping finance it haha as an early birthday/christmas present. But it will definitely be on the list for next year - got to prioritise!

On the miles and kg - you have no idea how confused I was at the beginning of my search when it came to lbs and km