First build - Pretty please part with your knowledge?

I’ve got a set of SR 177mm TKP set and mounts and dual TB 6355 190kvs that I don’t mind shipping out to the UK


Might want to get a nice normal build under your belt, then re-assess. Most of us have found that what we wanted, expected, and thought was important, changed dramatically after completing the build, and the first few rides.

Oh, making an enclosure is one of the hardest parts. One of our best enclosure builders is in the UK, and he works for free, as in he probably loses money on every enclosure sold. :slight_smile: @BigBen


AKA it is a never ending pit of money spending and endless upgrades

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SO happy to find someone else here who has them! They are amazing. I come from a windsurfing background and absolutely loved the feel. Initially thought I could build on them but I think they’ll end up being really unstable. Think I’ll eventually have to give them a try though and 3D myself a mount for them

Yah I’d say 5p+ pack at 10s if you want to get 20+ miles out of it for years to come.

If you end up not choosing to make an enclosure for the vanguard, has some that are super nice.

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I was initially thinking keeping it simple but once I realised I’d have to get a lot shipped overseas I started thinking maybe just go extreme and what I don’t like, I’ll switch as I go? Not a good way to see it?

Pretty confident with fibreglass and carbon fibre but I hadn’t properly stalked @BigBen … Really nice enclosures

What mounts do you have? And the big question… how much?

Hey my current fav hardcore punk band is from Bristol CHEERS

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Aaand, one of my favorite nonpowered boards is Vanguard Flex 4 (but I’m 200lb). You got good taste!

I wouldn’t electrify the flex 4 though. I’m looking for a flex1 or flex2. FYI Boosted is flex 3 with a tiny battery pack.

+1 on this, I’d go this way for a vanguard build. In fact I already bought the enclosures. Normally we would steer first timers away from flexy decks, but the Vanguard has been done a bunch of times so there’s a good blueprint.

The Carvers are great but for electric, maybe I’d look at Bennett Vectors. Very divey/surfy and has square hangar which should be easier to make mounts for. Problem is they’re narrow, so it’ll be hard to fit 2 motors on 1 hanger.

The problem is if you build a 50+ cell board with huge motors and huge wheels, it’ll way 1/2 as much as you do.

@BigBen is an enclosure master, not too pricey, based in Weymouth and is currently working on a vanguard option. I’d say thats your best bet right now!

SR are a pain in the rear to source in the UK, I had to ask people in the US to buy mine for me and ship over. SR are also just a pain in general, slow responses and what not.


@Loupiee an alternative to the battery problem is a top mounted enclosure, you can get a gun case or similar and get a 10s5p brick pack in there pretty easy. If you use 21700 cells like Samsung 40T then it’ll be lighter for the effective range

I’ve got Psychotillers mounts (definitely scratched up a little bit) and these Whoosh mounts (brand new) that are actually quite nice.

I’m not sure how much shipping is to the UK from CA, but did you want the whole lot? Or just the trucks and mounts?


Nice motors bro :heart_eyes:


I can sell you my set (in the UK)

Got motor mounts for them too

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Theres a boyfriend moonberg. Stop muscling in.

@Loupiee great choices to be honest and the advice given is mostly bang on the money. As a windsurfer then you want something loose and carvy so @Psychotiller hexl’s are a great option as are the tkp surfrodz. (Dave where are my trucks dude?) @BigBen is the man for enclosures as said. Lovely work. Good luck with the build, welcome to the forum and the hotel california.


I was thinking if it ends up too flexy I can stick a layer of carbon fibre on the bottom (i.e. another excuse to mess around with carbon fibre.

I’ll have a look at the Bennet Vectors, thanks for your help!

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Please get a @BigBen piece of art. Beautiful and enclosure too :kissing_heart:
Just look at dis fit, it’s not even bolted down and just sits on the deck like a tight :dress: on a fine lady


I saw his enclosures in person the other day, I was too shy to compliment them. They look really good


Oh jeez this is the spud/tayto box?

And yes, tayto/spud