First build! | New to esk8 | Parts check

Hi all,

Been digging around these forums for a little over a month. Ready to pull the trigger and order parts. Wanted to get confirmation on everything before I order. Any recommendations are welcome. Full disclosure - I am still very new and learning.

Deck: 35in downhill maple deck from skateshred

Trucks/mounts/pulleys: torqueboards dual drive kit

Wheels: either 97mm or 110mm with TB kit ^

Motors: x2 turnigy sk3 6374 192kv

Battery: x2 turnigy nanotech 5000mah 5s 35-70c

Will make 10s battery ^

Charger: imax b6 charger

Esc: dickyho dual esc

Enclosure: plastic parts box or sandwich box

I weigh around 175lbs. Hoping for at least 10miles distance. More would be nice. Not looking to spend too much. Will this set up work? Also not sure which way to mount, inward or outward? Let me know if I’m forgetting anything. Thank you for taking a look!


All your parts will work and do the job. Execution is where you need to plan carefully.

Enclosures fitting to decks is harder than it sounds unless you plan on duck taping everything to the deck and never opening it. 5000 mAh battery isn’t huge range but should get you close to 10 miles. Go bigger if you can. Best recommendation I can give is finding a deck and enclosure that are made for eachother.

I will never forget having my entire first build ready to go and realizing the enclosure wouldn’t fit right.

Best of luck and welcome to the good forum!

(we’re secretly the evil forum :shushing_face: :smiling_imp:)


Thanks for the warm welcome man!

I agree with you. I can foresee the enclosure being a problem. I’ll have to get creative. May ask a buddy of mine to 3D print something.

Question - if I have 2 5000mah batteries. Does that give me 10000mah? Or I guess it’s 5000 per motor?

Me me me!
Still only 5AH but! Twice the KWh. So easy said is to multiply Volts times the Amp hours to get watt hours, the K is just x1000. For example : 10s is 36V nominal and you have 5Ahours of energy. That gives you 5*36 = 180 Watt hours of go juice.
So there’s a lot of misunderstanding about batteries and range. To put things simplex. The more KWh you have, the more range. You can get range from either voltage (volts) or capacity (Amp hours).

Now what you cannot do is get more acceleration from more Amp hours. For that you need either more voltage or more current capacity at a given voltage. Here things get sticky but to keep it simple. A 10s battery that is rated only for 10 Amps (not amp hours) output, will not give the same kick as a 10s rated for 100amps.

Your motor cares about how many Amps are available. Of the battery sais 10 amps discharge (the number 10 is a bad example for our purposes but bear with me)
Then each motor can get up to 5 amps from the battery.

If you think of the system as a water system:
Battery is a bucket of water with a ppipe/spigot out the bottom
Voltage =pressure in the pipe
Amps = diameter of pipe
Power is the amount of water over time
Energy is an amount of water
Amp hours is the amount of amps/size of pipe out flow that need to flow out of the bucket so that it is empty in exactly 1 hour. So 5AH, means of you pull 5amps continuous (this is not a typical use case for us) then the battery will be dead in an hour.


Hmmm that’s very helpful. I purposely chose the high 35C for higher acceleration. I was reading a post of C rating and my takeaway was that higher C is better.

Given your response and Venom’s, it definitely sounds like I need to find something with higher mah or volts.

Do you have any recommendations on decent priced 10s batteries? Sticking to 10s since the esc maxes at 10s.

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Boyyyy metroboards is having a sweet sale on batteries right now. Just check your dimensions for your board. Fuckin weird shapes they’re building

I mean let’s talk reality for a second. The factor of influence Your battery has on your achieved distance is actually low imo. It really just sets a top limit. Your riding style will determine an energy per mile number that determines your range. Will your setup get you 10 miles if you’re pussyfooting. Absofuckintootly. Are you gonna wanna mash the throttle and just walk the last mile. More than definitel ma dude


Looking now! Thanks bro! Your bucket of water analogy really put it together for me lol.


That’s what we reach the mech heads when they have to take their first circuits class. I learned from my mechhead father. Pass it on bro :cry:

15 or 20 mile thin would be the way to go in your case. Just be mindful of the space


You can also calculate the range using our very own esk8 Calc

Was literally looking at those two. Do these need balance charging? It doesn’t say it would need something like an imax B6

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Ahh ya got me hold on, calling Batman
@b264 are the metroboard batteries sent with internal BMS? I don’t see balance leads coming out on the picture

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On a plane right now and about to take off. Might not respond

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Send it ma dude

If you 3D print and enclosure, I would suggest either doing a layer of epoxy all the way to skinning it with Fiberglas or carbon fiber.


Yes they are


Free wifi on the plan. Thank you Tmobile! Okay so looked at measurements for batteries. Should be good. The deck I want is 35in by 8.25in.

3D enclosure comment noted. Definitely agree with you. Depending on what filament I use, an extra layer of protection wouldn’t hurt.

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Yeah what @Itsmedant said or you could also use regular fabric and epoxy. The composite skin would help drastically. Even just straight vacuum-formed ABS ones aren’t that strong without it.

Even if you use abs, or 910, you have thousand of little cracks from printing, even just adding some good epoxy will help fill all of those and prevent the thing from cracking too fast.

If you add a composite, you add so much more strength and can enclosure mount your gear


What is the dual dickyho ESC? That may also be a factor of what will be limiting your build. If that’s one of those cheap dual ESC’s that comes in a meepo for example with a remote you will be limited to a 25-30A discharge which is 15A per 6374 motor…

Yes it is one of those cheap dual esc’s lol. Comes with remote, on/off button, battery meter.

I’ve been trying to get info on these and have seen really mixed thoughts. Some people hate them. Some people it worked perfect for them. Figured I’d bite the bullet and try.