First Build: Landyachtz 36” Evo, 75kv TB DD's, MakerX Go-Foc Retro, 10S4P [complete!]

Hi all, have started putting my board together after I finally got everything together. I will document the build in this thread.


  • Landyachtz 36" Evo
  • eBoosted Enclosure
  • MakerX Go-Foc Retro ESC
  • MakerX Anti-Spark Switch
  • TorqueBoards 75KV Direct Drives
  • 10S4P from Metroboard

Starting Point

Empty Enclosure + Motors Mounted

Battery Velcro Gorilla Glued + Power Button + Charging Port

I added an O-ring for the power button

ESC Install / Mounting

I hot glued M4 Rivet Nuts with M4 screws so I can easily remove the ESC, hopefully the glue holds :pray:

Where I’m at:

What I think is remaining:

  • Glue down the remote receiver
  • Glue down anti spark switch
  • Drill holes for motor related wiring

Also note, for component I am glueing down, I am first wrapping in plastic heat shrink, so if I have to remove it I can cut the heat shrink layer.


If you’re worried about the glue holding you might consider using adhesive velcro. Then it’s easy enough to remove/move around


Pretty happy with the progress thus far considering @CiscoV said “maybe in a month I’ll have the enclosure and deck”


If the glue doesn’t hold I will try that. I actually did the glue because I thought the velcro wouldn’t hold + I also wanted there to be space between the ESC and where it was resting to maximize cooling.

Nice! What’s the battery and total weight?


and lol luckily I can return everything that didn’t work as I imagined / don’t need / wrong size / etc, amazon💕

Amazon Spree

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Lol I forgot to include that key information, it’s a 10S4P from Metroboard. This is my test build to see what works, for my official build I am using a 10S4P I bought from @Skyart (40" build).

Unsure of the weight, but the sled is pretty light overall.


Very nice I got metro10s4 That I need to finish keep posting I’m watching :call_me_hand:

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Exciting news (for me), finished it last night :slight_smile:

I drilled the holes for motor wires, installed grommets and wired it up

The Result, I present to you (temp. name) W01-TB :partying_face:


I think I did a good job for it being my first DIY build, very happy with how it came out. Excited to do my 40" Evo soon.

  • A million thank you’s to this forum
  • Thank you @eBoosted for the link to this forum, I messaged him knowing zero about this stuff a couple months ago and he was very kind
  • @CiscoV I think I’m beyond having at least a deck + enclosure :two_hearts:

Wow, thats awesome for a first build!


Very clean such a cool build :call_me_hand: test out that battery let’s see what it’s got until you get @Skyart :sunglasses:

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I just love a clean looking evo build, that looks soo good! Tested it out yet?


Nice 36”. Working on one too. Just making sure you did something to address the phase wire exposure at the joints.


Thank you. Not beyond running it for 5 feet in my apartment :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuck at the office for a few more hours then taking it to Central Park :grin:


I’m waiting for some wire sleeving then I’ll use electrical tape and sleeve them :slight_smile:


HYYYYYPE! let me know what you think of those 75kv dds!


I was only able to go around once but wow all I can compare it to is my revel and wow, so much more power/torque


Did you come from reddit?

Yes, but I was asking you kind of silly (hindsight) questions on WhatsApp and you told me to read here

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