First Build Advice

Would like some help with my first build. I have been changing my mind heaps and would like to confirm the parts so I can start buying the parts and building the thing.

Here are the parts.
Rayne Nemesis (Already had)
Kebbek double kick (Already had)

Paris 180mm (Already had)


Flywheels 83mm

HGLRC FLIPSKY FSESC4.20 Duel Pro (Purchased)







2pcs of paris short mounts
2pcs of 36T 17mm flywheel pulleys
2pcs of 15T 10mm bore aluminum motor pulley
1 set of short cross plate
4pcs of 5M 290 15mm belt

Needs suggestions on what to do about the enclosure.

Also found this wiring diagram that suits what I want to get and just want to check that it is correct.

Smaller remote which is used by many and is very reliable, 2 AA batteries last half a year

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Was going to go with that one and 3d print a new enclosure

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Good idea, comes out great. Do the @avX mini mod.

How’s the rest of the build?

Waiting on two tiny o rings to seal the gear boxes. The wait is killer.


That’s looks sick man. I was talking about mine though haha :joy:

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I thought it was an odd request after a remote pic haha.

Haven’t used those lipos but everything else looks like a good recipe. I’d use loctite and even jb weld once you get the motor mounts lined up perfect. The round profile of Paris trucks isn’t optimal for a clamp.

So you are telling you are not outside testing the board waiting for o rings to seal the gear boxes?
Where the hell do you intend on riding? A swamp?
Get on the bloody board and take it for a ride.


Trying to keep the grease inside is my main concern. I just don’t want to come back from the maiden voyage to find the stupid o-rings in the mailbox and an annoying disassembly/reassembly combo ahead of me.

I already F’d this guy’s first build advice thread up by being stupid, offer him some advice now!

Paris mounts


They are the ones I am getting!

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I like the madmunkey mod for the gt2b, fits nicely in the hand

Also the gt2b is incredibly reliable and lasts forever. Sometimes you forget that you have to charge it because it lasts so long

I’d go with the Rayne deck, and you could try out an eboosted or psychotiller enclosure, check out my vendor thread for links

The battery diagram looks right, just make sure you follow the diagram provided with the BMS and you should be fine. 20C is a little low but if you’re light and there’s not tooo many hills you should be okay.

The batteries I’m getting are 50c so should be good. Not a light rider but where I live is really flat. Purchased Motors today, got flipsky one’s but the same specs.

I got the motors and the mounts and they do not fit. The motors are almost touching and the wheel pull rub against the mount. Any advice on what I could do?

It’s a bit more expensive, but I would suggest getting Torqueboard trucks, or something like that, it’ll make mounting so much easier