First Build, About $850

I have finally decided to post all that I have ordered for my first build in hopes to help others build their own e-board. To start off, purchased a drop through deck, added galaxy grip tape because why not make it pretty. With shipping it was $63.28

40.75" X 9.75" DROP DOWN DECK (#L140)

My “brains of the board” Vesc 6.6 single, (2) of them, connected via canvas, $215 shipped

Battery and motors I bought from @KaramQ Total cost for me was $340 with shipping Motors were turnigy Sk3 6374 Battery is 10s12p, built from these cells,

Trucks wheels and mounts were all bought here in this package from @dickyho cost me $170


6inch 145X40 wheels offroad setup drive kit for electric skateboard longboard …

Last but not least for sure, at least I hope it’s not the least, custom 3d printed mod, (ChoZen) GT2B remote, cost was $32
FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter(Discontinued by manufacturer)

The battery has its own enclosure,

The VESC case I 3d printed, Petg, will update it to be more protective in the future!


For reliability sake, the flipsky 6.6 plus might have been a better option. It’s their newer model and doesn’t have cut out and voltage issues and the slave side doesn’t completely die for no reason.

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I was talking about it with a buddy and he said it should be fine, however if it ever does do that, I will return it and get the newest one. After all my motors are going to be pulling at max 140A, so I need a good esc. Thanks for the Advice!!!


Yeah, the voltage issues seemed to mostly affect people running 12s so you should be good there, but the slave side dying was a common issue with everyone.

Just got this beast!!



6.6 never had cutout issues that was the 4.2, also voltage issues have not been fixed it still drifts -+0.6v

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jus chillin


I’m using that deck as well and really like it.

Lookin dope bro

What enclosure are you using it with?

Psychotiller Shuksan Arm enclosure
Here is a link to my full build thread: here.

Just put trucks/mounts/wheels on. Lookin good!!!


Almost done, just gotta connect the VESC to the motor and program it!!


Took it for a spin, didn’t go full speed though, props to ebay’s Eboard-shop! The trucks are incredibly stable

My FSESC 6.6 Dual Slave side just stopped working, trying to figure out why, for now only master side of the Vesc works.


awesome! how are those trucks and wheels holding up? vesc ever start working? which other one would you recommend?

Bummer, did you end up fixing it?

@onebluesummer and @iamasalmon,
It turns out the mcu shorted somehow so I am currently in a process of returning it for a refund through PayPal, as much as I rode, the trucks and wheels held out great, super stable with stock bushings, however, the trucks won’t fit my 6380 turnigy motors, on the same side.
Currently looking for another Vesc, once I get it and I finish the return process with the old one, I can get riding again!


Unity? I got a couple…

Thanks for the offer, a little out of budget, ended up getting to Vesc6 singles from @Andy87