First Build | * 12S 10 Ah LiPo * | Dual 6380 190 kV motors

Welcome to my first build! I began in April 2020 and finished October 2020 (yes, six months!!).

I spent a LOT of time learning, researching, and asking questions. People on this forum have been super cool and generous with their time answering my stupid questions (special thanks to @ahrav and @DEEIF).

I had to change my plans a few times which had unintended consequence of accumulation of unused parts :joy:, but in the end I am really happy with how build turned out!


  • Landyachtz Switchblade 38




  • Stormcore 60D
  • Hoyt Street Puck


  • Turnigy Graphene 6s 5 Ah - wired in series/parallel for 12s 10 Ah


  • 1/8" aluminum plate bolted to bottom of deck for mounting battery and ESC. Hex standoffs used to attach bottom cover made of HDPE sheet and velcro straps to close off sides.



Dayumnnnnn sonnnnn
Go big or go home!
You painting that evo ?
Some guys here got really cool custom decks, might wanna look into it if you got time for painting during your lockdown :wink:


Not the evo, but I am researching painting and glass frit (will probably use deck from Skateshred to get method down).

Goal right now is easy build with decent parts that I can finish relatively quickly (GF has been upset with me cause this shit has been all consuming for me).


looks good, the top case I used in mine was good for a 12s4p maybe a 6p if i got creative with building and minimal extras… if anything for the small case I used on the rear for the vesc Id get 1 size up actually and may actually do that for a little added breathing room, but either way I never had any issues with the box on top and just enough foot space.

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Mentally prepare her that the rabbit hole goes deeper and she needs to join a crochet club.


Update in first post…using this thread to keep myself on track and give me motivation to finish.

What motors, trucks, and motor mounts are those?

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That’s @JaysTCB board.

The motors look like Castle Creations, not sure about the trucks and mounts.


Jason, you should make a thread for your boards and stuff! Pretty remarkable how custom they are! I mean no brakes even!


Thats a badass drive configuration! What’s the effect on riding of rear and front wheel drive? Also I’d love to know what sort of acceleration / speed you plan to get from that

@ahrav @DEEIF @pixelsilva

It’s done!


That’s awesome @MYKC! It’s been a pleasure to see it get built up and be able to help!

Soap those bushings :joy:


Amazing Bro. One of the first builds with a combat jet aircraft wing munitions store type enclosure!:metal::airplane:

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Switched over to SRB NKP 3-Link trucks a while ago. This thing is done done.


Awesome board, glad you got the 3links working Mike!

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Thanks @DEEIF ! Next step is to start going to intro to speed! Lol.

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make walls on your enclosure or everything is going so get super dusty real fast


I ride on relatively clean roads so the dust has been very minimal and not an issue for me.

I thought about 3D printing some pieces to close off the sides but that’s going to be a future project when I have some free time.