Firesafe board storage container

It’s this battery: 12S3P 544.32Wh Molicel P42A battery

Are they bad cells?

12S3P 36 battery cells


This is great news! I will research what temps applies to my specific battery pack. :pray:

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ya, those are good cells

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Oh, nice :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thinking of converting this to a charging cabinet. Install a flu out of the roof of the shed and it should be sweet.

Do most battery fires occur during charging or is it just random?


IIRC, for general consumer product battery fires about 1/3 happen during charging. But this number really can’t be directly applied to esk8.

IMO charging is the big concern. It adds energy to the pack, creates heat, and depends on inexpensive electronics to protect things.

Use and storage are the other situations. Not much we can do during use but I guess we can store in a non-flammable location. For charging we can definitely get proactive though, using a non-flammable (vented) container, a good charger, not overheating the pack, etc.

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