Finding all esk8 deck designers/builders !

Hello, I have a group of friends (about a dozen) that have entrusted me to design them a killer esk8 board. But, I’m not liking anything on the market that is available at an affordable price. If someone can get back to me with what they can offer for a longboard, and a kicktail variant for deck and enclosure, I would greatly appreciate it.

Just a few details, enclosure would have to be big enough to house a 12s3p battery pack and VESC enabled ESC.

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You did comment on @tomiboi s thread. He has em. 29.5" Kicktail/shortboard

Is it a single board you’re making or a dozen? I would strongly suggest building one to see if everything is to your liking before ordering parts for a dozen :sweat_smile:

It’s extremely rare for someone here to build the perfect board on the first try, usually people upgrade a few parts until they are satisfied :upside_down_face:



Oh, well, that didn’t last long

Unfortunately, esk8 is one of those things where good stuff is expensive unfortunately… If you want affordable, you will most likely have to make some compromises.

Also you should provide some additional info… Killer board can be many things, especially here, where many lunatics roam… Standards may differ


“affordable” is a pretty loose term in this hobby.

Things break, do you think it’s affordable if you want to get a 2nd set of everything as a spare?

DIY isn’t for most riders, it’s for riders that are willing to put the sweat and tears into their board.

howd you get into that mess? if you asked me, “how do you make a great esk8 for a group of 12 randomly selected people?” id answer, you dont.
the size and shape of the people alone will likely vary too much for there to be any kind of optimal solution that everyone would agree on, let alone love.


I am selling these for around 2500 while I finalize some details and lock down a couple more parts before I make it an available production.


If you got done with it and think it needs a sweet pop of a skin hit up @cfelzien


You know we work together right?


Actually I did not know that!

FTFY :kissing_heart:


There is no affordable, only value, in esk8


Yup… separate living and shared shop. It’s mighty large. So much room for activities. Am I picking up a hint of jealousy Benji?

While this is true, I believe it takes everyone a certain amount of time to realize it after finding this blessing.

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He is the other, “not so silent” half of Big Reds Boards.

I would argue that he’s also the gooder looking half.

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Well…. You suck at arguing.

You guys are absolutely right, affordable is the wrong word here. I’m looking for something that appears to have finesse, sleek and minimal design. In fact, open to a minimal drop down longboard as well. Hit me up if you have something like this.

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We have this for sale.

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