Finally a Landyachtz esk8 deck ??

Hey there,

All this started earlier today I was talking about how much I’d love to see a bigger version of the LY dropcat on this thread:

what’s your favorite deck?
@Venom121212 @Mobutusan @slizer18 @tech.shit @frankthedragon @Movation @MYKC

my idea was that with extra real estate and a small top mounted batterie, it could make a great lightweight and low on ground commuter.
but enought of that:

it led me into talking with @its.ibbo from landyachtz
who not only was super keen about our suggestions but also showed a lot of interest into develloping an esk8 specific deck.

let’s be honest: we all love LY decks, we all crave for hollowtech wizardry and all the bells, THIS IS GREAT NEWS.

So here is the time to show our interest our support and to express ourselves.

the point of this thread is to :

  • see how much interest an LY esk8 friendly deck will raise, so @its.ibbo can go and show the board than people are hypped about it on their next meeting

  • raise ideas and global direction for this potential deck

  • and for the sake of me : how many of you would be interested in a bigger dropcat ?


For me it would be a 44" evo with a bit more flex, and tiny bit less concave. It’s a beautiful deck.
My next deck will be the odashi from @tomiboi. That’s as close to my dream deck you can get i think.
So something in that style. For me.


Personally I’d like to see a slightly modified Switchblade or Fixed Blade as the base. It’s already incredibly versatile and popular with good support for enclosures and such, and just needs a couple of tweaks to make it more esk8 friendly, such as moving the truck mounts further apart to reduce bite. It shouldn’t be a huge lift either, as there’s already many variations on that platform, including a Hollowtech one.


I haven’t ridden a board with a big rocker like the dropcat but it doesn’t look super appealing to me. The only LY I have is an Evo 41 and fuck me that thing is living up to the yacht name. I’d prefer a switchblade if you want to get low(ish), if it was extra strong and stiff and maybe had some consideration for topmounted battery and/or rear mounted ESC.

Alternative would be the Freedive, I like the look of that but again haven’t used one. The concave of the Evo is nice but IMO top mount without a drop and just big wheel wells and some well designed contour is the way to go. My dream would be a Freedive-style integrated deck I think? Context though: I’m relatively short and heavy so maybe the tall or skinny amongst us would think very differently

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Ayyyy, just beat me to it


well as an analog ride this board feels like it roll by itself, it’s so low on ground you have zero effort to make it move, and it’s supper comfy even in messed up roads or pavements

I think a wider switchblade with a more aggressive concave, a larger Evo(not for me, I like the 36, but the people probably want a 42-44), and perhaps something smaller aimed at the commuter crowd should cover the bases pretty well

If we’re cooking up something further off menu, I’d like an integrated deck based on the OG wolf shark. NOT the newer model, it’s ugly and I hate it.


As a side note has anyone heard of what happened to Loaded’s attempt at an electric focused deck? I’m genuinely curious if there even is a market for an esk8 specific deck, and this seemed like a good canary for that.

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Tomiboi, flux, hummie, etc, generally aren’t used as analog boards, so I think yes there is

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The Omakase was iirc also an electric-first deck. They had videos announcing after the fact that it would be available as a push board, it was originally the basis for the Unlimited collab

I really like the look of that one you linked though, hadn’t seen that before

Dammit, I knew everyone would want an esk8 specific switchblade :sweat_smile:

I’m honestly on the fence about an electric drop cat as well. I love pushing my drop cat so much and often think about PURPOSEFULLY putting a weak esc and hubs on it just so I can cruise even more on it. The board is truly a delight.

I love Landyachtz. The end.


is the new one the one without the rocket tip ?

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Hello Everyone. First of all, let me say that I’m not in product development so I can’t just green light a board. I work as a sales coordinator for our global wholesale and distributor customers. But, I do have weekly meetings with the people I can make this suggestion too. What would help me bring this to the attention of the right people would be what you want: size, materials etc. What I plan on suggesting to them is taking one of exisiting board shapes, maybe the EVO 40 or the pinner, of fixed blade and just changing the manufacture process to add in one or two layers of fiberglass to increase the torsional rigidity of the whole setup. If we did that the deck would stand up to any stresses motors could possible put through it.

So, no promises, but I think this is a good idea and it’s an area we’re not really in. But I’ll make your wants known to the right people.



ma man

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it is so much like you to like the og best XD
I cannot say I don’t like the new one though, it looks like something you could put alu brackets on

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Need moar inches. She said it. I said it. I’m 1.91, and the big evo is not big enough. :smiley:


would composit reinforcement be compatible with holowtech ? for those of us who cares about boards’ weight

I couldn’t really answer that. The hollowtech ones are designed specifically to flex as they’re primarily dance boards.


Fiberglass sandwich is universally compatible :sunglasses: