[FIN] Decks to be made

Hi builders!

I´m in the process of making some awesome decks ment for us at the DIY market… I will be working with a group of friends of mine. We all have 15-20y experince in our expertise. A wide range from metal working, wood working,glass fiber, carbon, composit, lint etc etc… So I have no doubt that we can make som cool stuff ment for the DIY market.

So I´m looking for some help from you guys. I need your critisism, suggestion, and 5-10 testers who can slam a working board together in no time and get them out on the road for some serious testing. Winter will be here before I have the first beta batch ready so I can´t do any decent (real life) test except for strenght test and perhaps some vibrations tests here in my hometown…

The machine park we have access to is BITCHING! For example :

Metal CNC 4 axis lathe
Metal cnc 3 axis mill
Industrial wood cnc
Industrial vacuum tables, pumps and anything you need to press carbon/GF on luxury yachts.
UV printers for metal surface
Hydraulic press
Laser cutter and ingravers…

The possibilities are huge!

So with that said let´s move on to the decks.

For now I have designed 2 decks… One is basically a Hummie deck look a like and the other a Landyachtz evo with cut out for electronics.
Now, these are just something I threw together to have something to show for. It does not mean it’s the deck we will produce. This is where your suggestions comes in place.
What would YOU want in a deck? One thing that is hard to find is a deck with 10-12+ inches wide. Is that something that you would be intrested in let me know…

Reason why I´m looking for suggestion and your idés is that I´m the one who pays for the project. EVERY damn cent will come frome MY own pocket so you don´t have to pay a dime for an product that is not here yet. We are talking about several thousand of euros in investment…Your money stays in the bank until you deside if you want to buy a deck or not.!.

Every deck we decide to make will come with a enclosure bundle to the deck. Probably GF but we will do some testing in lint, and different composite materials…

We also have all the usual wood veneer you usually press a deck with, maple, bamboo , birch etc on the shelf or at a veneer company less then 100km away from us.

My goal here is to have a wide range of different decks on the shelf so when you need a deck, all you need to do is to pay for one and we will ship it out the next day or so…

To successfully start this project (and invest my own hard earned money & time) I need to see at least 20 people who have interest per deck design, and are ready to buy the deck when they´re ready… Molds are expensive as F. so I have to start with only 1 design. And hopefully from there move on to the next on and so on.

Here´s some pics on the designs I have ready.

Now it´s up to you guys ( the builders ). Do you want to see a wider range of decks ready for dispatch, specifically built by us for us? Cool let me know and I´ll set the wheel in motion.

As said please share your critics, opinions, idés and suggestions… Otherwise, save me some time and money and let this thread die in peace!

// Robin


I think that Evo with built in storage is a great idea that many will like. There are lots of hummie-a-likes already but people like them for a reason. I’m always happy to see more deck options coming from our builders. Maybe change the shape of the hummie a bit so it doesn’t look so similar. I’m one for angled cuts on decks instead of rounded everything personally.

All around great work and best of luck!


Evo has split angle, yours looks equal… just saying.

Edit: ive had too many beers, eyes playing tricks on me… looking good!

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I’ll say some obvious things:

Start on one deck at a time you don’t want to get overloaded ( learn from other failed projects)

Get some testers that are heavy and ride frequently. In my experience you can find testers that are hyped up for a project but they don’t have a lot of time to build and ride, pick carefully if you want quick and good feedback :slight_smile:

I’d think this number could be reached very easily. @rey8801 has offered up an interesting looking deck and I am sure it reached his target within a few hours

I like this.

A deck between 10-11 inches in with is great imo. Also think that the evo should be 40+ inches


Oh yeah actual important feedback on deck width…

Not sure what the new Lacroix deck width is but it was way too wide for my liking. 8.5" is the narrowest I can ride comfortably and I am size 10.5 us shoe.

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Yes that´s the plan! I stated it in my post but maybe I was not clear enough on it

thanks for you support! keep your oppinions coming and I will be back soon with a new design based on them! The “evo” is 40" or 102cm with 602mm * 150 cut out.

A slight longer/wider/ thicker evo with battery cut out would be dope( possibly wells under the deck for forward motor clearance too?) . Maybe even make it drop through.


Everything is possible. I thought about drop through but there could be a problem with the strenght at the nose. Wells are a nice thing to have! I´ll include them if we can find 5-10 testers and 20 + builders who would be intrested in buying one

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Yeah you’d definitely need to add extra meat to the nose/tail and change its shape to accommodate drop through.

Wire channels could be cool. Don’t see that much.


Maple or bamboo is the way to go birch is cheaper veneer but not as good quality. You can’t use just any maple because there is soft maple and hard maple. You want hard rock maple from actually from Canada or northern US.

A lot of Chinese companies use maple trees that are from Canada however they are grown in China where it doe not get as cold in the winters as Canada or northern US.

As far as the decks go me personally I would want a 10 inch wide deck with a length of 40-43 inches. I would want the deck to come without any clear coat as it isn’t hard for a person add on. Doing this makes it easier for people who customize their boards to do so when they receive the decks. I myself wood burn my boards and the burning into decks with clear coats creates toxic fumes and ruins the wood burning tools.


Thank you fir your suggestions! they are most welcome. I too like 10" decks and hate when you just don´t have enoguh space to build in.

Decks without clear coat/ epoxy can be done to those who ask for it.

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I´m not sure about this but have a look and say whay you like/disslike.
I would rather see a deck with chanels to the rear.


That’s actually pretty dope looking…


Great looking deck.
Myself, would like a shorter cruiser deck maybe with a working kick tail and good locking concave.
I can’t be a tester but interested in the product when it’s ready to buy.
What price range are we looking at?


Everything I’m gonna say has already been said but 40 by 10-11 inch wide deck, enough space to easily forward mount motors so they don’t hit the deck without having to use tons of risers and mess around with different angles. Also wire channels would definitely be dope.


I think extending the tail where the trucks mount on a 40 evo by 2 inches would fix motor clearance issues. Making the evo 42.


Allright guys. So for now the “EVO” seems to have some intress…~42" long ~11" wide drop through for trucks, canadian hard maple + carbon fiber, wire channels to the rear. Easily forward mount.

I can work with that. the last part can be a bit tricky but we´ll see.

@Grozniy I need to research some stuff before I set a price for it. Testers will basically pay material cost…
however I will do my best to keep the price low


Would it be wise to widen the rear seeing its drop and has channels? Seems like possible weak point.

It is the weak point. I think I have to both widen it a bit and the drop through would not extend all the way to the nose on the board.
like this

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Like the Evo

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