FatBoy mini gear drive wanted

Anyone got the urethane version for sale ?



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Tryna stay under retail :grin:

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what setup do you have and what budget
there might be other gear drives out there for you

Uh yeah boardnamics trucks

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also why gear
@brenternet wrote a really good thing about them

i will see if i can find it

Huh? I’m confused

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he basically was saying gear drives really arent worth it
the reason people buy them is because they are new and look cool

belt drives are cheaper easier to service simpler to setup and have much more compatablity


more nonsense has yet to be spewed…


@brenternet seems to be very strong against gears yet a lot of people like them a lot

what is so much better about gears kooky


Gimme yo gear drive if you got one

100% torque transmission… reliability… aesthetics… sound… maintainability, long life… k00l factor… name your poision…

when the first caveman got on the plank they had belt-drives… we have evolved…


contact Ernesto… @kaly… it ain’t cheep and neither is his gear-drives… almost 2000km on a set and zero wear… I was 1500kms in when I first cracked the case… I’m sure there are others… but if ya buy cheap… ya buy twice…

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not 100% torque transmission there was a thread about it and i dont think gear drive was even more efficient (could be wrong though)

less reliable then belts when they break you pay tons and you cant fix on the go belts its a 2 min and 3$ job to replace a belt

aesthetics fair nough

sound helicals yes and straight cut some like
belt makes a noise somewhere in between

maintainability what???

long life same as belts a proper belt system can cost you 30$ over a year same as a gear drive

kool factor only you would now master

You got a picture of @Kaly gear drive? Made for urethane or ? Never knew he made a gear drive

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@kaly makes a sick drive but it costs a lot
def worth for the money but not all can afford

also @kook dont get me wrong i love a gear drive but there defintely is something to say with good old belts

now your dubba-steppin’ little brother… you came here bashing gear drives…


i didnt come here to bash gear drives
i came to explain that for a lot of people belts are the way to go


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What’s the price of it @kook before I even waste my time to send a message

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